It’s My Turn…!


It’s My Turn…!

I’ve bowed to your requests and gave you everything you asked for. I didn’t question or refuse your requests, I did exactly as you told me to, following your instructions to the letter; damn I even threw in a trick or two of my own. And I know you liked it my little sex pot; I know you loved every single minute of the pleasure I was giving you.

I could tell by the way you held on to my hair. I could tell by the pain caused by your nails as they pierced my skin as I brought you to the edge and stopped. I could tell by the way you screamed out my name and swore repeatedly whilst begging me to finish you off. I could tell by the way your pussy clamped down on my cock as I fucked you hard, as instructed. I know you liked it my little sex pot, I know you loved every single minute of it!

Well guess what sexy? It’s MY turn!

I want you to put on that sexy little maid’s outfit that I bought you, wear it with all the trimmings. I’m talking about the apron and the cute little hat too; oh yeah and don’t forget those sexy white gloves! I want you to wear those sheer stockings with the seam up the back and the lace at top, and I also want you to wear those four inch ‘fuck me’ hooker shoes.
Once you’re all dressed up, I want you to walk around the bedroom and dance for me. Do that sexy dance where you whine your waist real slow causing your booty to roll seductively. Gyrate those sexy hips and run your hands over your breasts, up and down your sides whilst licking those succulent lips of yours.

Yeah baby dance for me; dance as if we were dancing together. Hypnotise me with your sexy moves baby, exactly how I like it.

Then I want you to straddle my naked body and kiss me hard and hungrily. Bite my lips and tongue, suck all the air out of mouth and lick my teeth. Baby I want to feel your hard nipples on my chest as you lay on top of me still eating my face. Work your way down my body, kiss my neck, ears and shoulders. I know how much you love my shoulders so you can linger there for a little while, not too long mind! Lick my nipples baby, bite them and suck them. I like that almost as much as you like me doing it to you, so please give them the attention and abuse they deserve.

Aahh yeah, I can feel it now!

Work your way lower down now sexy; lick your way from my nipples down to my stomach and to that sensitive spot at the side of my body. That very same spot that makes me jump and gasp at the slightest touch and as much as it tickles like hell, it is also one of the most sensual parts of my body. When licked and nibbled in the right way, it’s like I could cum there and then; but I won’t, I’ll save it!

Time to move a little lower now my sex pot, move down to my dick as it stands to attention in anticipation of what’s to come. Take my dick and talk to him; tell him how much you like to hold, kiss and caress him. Tell him how you like it when he grows and gets harder when he is inside your mouth. Tell him how much you like the sounds I make when you skillfully torture him with your tongue, lips and teeth; I can feel it now.

Fuck it baby, that’s enough talking now!

Suck me my little sex pot, suck my dick hard and fast. I want to see your head bobbing up and down on my dick; I want to feel your lips as they lightly touch the base of my dick. In fact linger in that spot sexy, the base is so tender and responds nicely to the feel of your succulent lips. Cup my balls whilst you suck my dick baby, squeeze them gently and hear my gasp as I call your name.

I know you’re wet now, because your juicy pussy reacts to my pleasure just as much as my dick reacts to yours. Perhaps it’s time we take it to the next level, or would you rather play with my dick some more? As much as I want your lips on my dick for longer, I really want to eat your juicy pussy again; 69? Ok sex pot, spin that sexy body around and straddle my face.

Mmm, I can visualise it now and oh my, what a beautiful sight. My little sex pot straddling my face with her soaking wet pussy and in my mind, I can smell your wet sex and fuck me it smells so good and I know you taste good too! The 69 isn’t going to last long because you’ll fuck my face as hard and fast as I’ll be fucking yours; the explosion between us will be inevitable and baby, I just don’t want to blow out like that! What I want is you on all fours; arse high in the air, with your wet pussy on show waiting for my hard dick.

So my little sex pot, do you think you can manage that?


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