Internet Sex


Internet Sex

I met him through one of “those” sites on the internet. We exchanged numbers, pictures and communicated via text until we were ready to meet up three months later. He was from out of town, so we agreed to meet up in a neutral place on his next visit; we’d go for a drink in said neutral place and if we hit it off, we’d then make arrangements for the following day.
I arrived at the meeting point earlier than expected and mingled with the small crowd whilst trying in vain to remember what he looked like; silly me deleted his picture from my phone. I sent him a text to let him know I’d arrived early and that I was happy to wait until he was ready. He replied that he too had arrived early but was standing in a slightly different place. He then rang and I gave him directions to where I was waiting. I scanned the area looking for a guy in a suit walking and talking on a phone, well that narrowed it down – not! Every guy just happened to be on their phones, walking and wearing a suit. The minute I saw him though, I just knew it was him; he caught my eye smiled and mouthed hello. He kissed me on both cheeks and whispered that he was hard already!

‘And it’s a pleasure to meet you too, at last’ I replied.

He led the way to a small bar down a side street; I found a quiet corner whilst he got the drinks in. I was lost in thought when he returned; in fact I was that far gone I didn’t even notice that he returned until he asked me what I was thinking.

‘So we meet at last’ I said ignoring his question.
‘Indeed we do, I’ve been looking forward to this all day, so much so that I cancelled my last meeting in case it ran over and I didn’t want to be late’
‘Well cheers, here’s to a pleasant evening’ I said, raising my glass.
‘Cheers and here’s to the beginning of new adventures’ he replied.

We talked and got to know each other a little better over a couple more drinks and exchanged tales of the site on which we “found” each other. He held my hand and the electrical surge between us was huge.

‘Let’s go back to your hotel now’ I said necking my drink and making moves to get up.
‘I thought you wanted to wait until…’
‘I did and I do but you can’t deny what just shot through us’
‘Mmm Carpe Diem, I like it let’s go’ he replied, following my lead and necking his drink too.

We held hands and walked silently, navigating the quiet back roads around Warren Street that led to his hotel. Once in the lift he held me tight and kissed me softly.

‘I’ve been waiting to do that for the last 3 months; such beautiful lips’ he said.

We got out on his floor and continued the silent walk to his room. He opened the door and paused, turning to look at me to check I was ready for what was about to happen. I nodded, entered the room and threw myself on the bed. Again he followed my lead and threw himself down next to me, we kissed and that electrical current was stronger than ever. We rolled and kissed, kissed and then rolled some more.

‘Take your clothes off’ I ordered when we eventually parted.

He was naked in a flash. I didn’t let my disappointment show because I knew what to expect from the pictures and videos he sent me. Not only that but I remembered from our conversations just how much he lacked in confidence and also just how much he wanted to get with me. Anyway, size isn’t everything right?

‘Ooh somebody is pleased to be set free’ I cooed as I stroked his erect manhood.

His demeanour changed instantly; my tender touched reduced him to a whimpering virgin. I contemplated my next move as I continued to stroke him gently; dominatrix or sex instructor. His erratic breathing and scowled expression made the decision for me, sex instructor.

‘Let’s work on your breathing, try to relax and take slow deep breaths’ I said softly.

It wasn’t working, his breathing became faster a bit like a pant and his face had that “I’m gonna fuck you so hard” expression going on. I stopped stroking and stood up next to him; he pulled me close and kissed me hard, whilst guiding my hand back to his cock.

‘Do you want me to finish what I started?’ I asked.

He scowled as he nodded. I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock without warning.

‘Umphgg grrrrr’ he moaned as I sucked his cock half heartedly.

I just about pulled away as he came; his load caught my chin and my breasts. I looked up at him and his eyes were shut tightly; his breathing still erratic and his body was trembling. I stroked his legs to try and calm him down and slowly, his breathing returned to normal. He helped me up and started to lick his cum off my chin and breasts.

‘Sorry about that, I just couldn’t hold back’ he said quietly.
‘That’s ok no need to apologise, next time we’ll do something different’
‘So there will be a next time then?’ he asked excitedly.

‘Of course there will be, but we’ll have to try something a little different and build up slowly’

‘I’ll be ready to go again soon, just give me twenty minutes or so if you want’
I thought about it as he sucked on my erect nipples, the spark was starting to fade for me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted a repeat performance so soon.
‘One step at a time big boy, one step at a time; too much excitement and all that’
We kissed, talked some more and made arrangements to meet up again. I freshened up, said farewell and jumped a taxi to my next appointment!


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