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World of Risqué – Valentines Special


Oh my, what a night!

First of all, I’d just like to thank World of Risqué for such a fantastic event and for inviting me along to perform too; I had a great night!

The Valentines Special was held at the Windrush Bar & Kitchen and hosted by comedian Junior Booker; a talented, funny and very easy on the eye, young man. He had my friend in hysterics with his witty interaction.  The show started with a beautiful burlesque artist; she was very elegant and burlesqued across the floor so effortlessly, I was mesmerised and I’m sure others were too!

Junior blessed us with more of his witty and conversational style of humour before the next act Jenny took to the stage. I absolutely loved this goddess from Birmingham who has such a powerful yet soothing voice; her seductive moves and energy, in fact both of her performances were amazing. I really like the tone of her voice – you can sing to me anytime babe 😘

The next act was a singer, Ricardo Rawal. Ricardo blessed us with some smooth dancehall and being the reggae baby that I am, I danced in my spot, fully in my element! He sang a few songs and as an extra special touch, he handed out roses to a few lovely lucky ladies – it was valentines after all!

Junior led us into a short break which was followed by yours truly and as promised, I read my latest Teaser; Make Love. I read from my second novel, Just Being Friendly, followed by a short piece called Remember…?  All available to read on my website.

It had been a while since I last performed and as much as I get a little pre-performance anxiety, the nerves automatically bounce the minute I take to the stage, hold that phallus like microphone and start to read. I love it when the audience responds as I read; their gasps, sighs and moans are very encouraging, especially the whole finger clicking flex.

After my set, gorgeous Jenny did her second song and closed the event.  It was a great night, with a great crowd and great performances. Check out the socials for all the acts; follow, like and share their content.

Thank you all for your continued love and support, thanks for coming out on the night and thanks again to WOR for having me; until next time….

Love Meg xx







Make Love


The lead up to that moment was excruciating, expectations were exceptionally high; both had a plan that if executed as expected, the after-effects would be lasting.  The same plan that got abandoned the moment they laid eyes on each other and their naked bodies.

She stood facing him, naked, and wearing her favourite slutty heels.

She reached out and stroked his face, kissed him gently then said,

“Make love to me. Missionary, I want to feel you deep inside me”

His smile widened, his cock hardened and bounced.

“Look deep into my eyes as you penetrate me” she continued

“Slow strokes, deep strokes, strong strokes

Touch the back of my womb strokes

Strokes that make my eyes roll over

Strokes that make my toes curl

The make me speak in tongues, strokes.

Dem ones!”

She kissed him softly, a gentle peck on the lips that tested his resolve.

“I want to feel you deep inside me

Deep-deep, deep inside me

Rearrange my internal organs, deep

So deep that I gag!

…. Think about it for a second…

Yea, that deep.”

He smiled and stroked his cock.

“I desire the feel of your balls, slapping against my arse the deeper you plunge inside me.

I anticipate the feeling of you spreading my legs wide and holding my ankles, enabling that deeper penetration.

The deep penetration that causes my cervix to contract with every thrust

Those deep penetrating thrusts that gently kiss my G spot (every time)

The deepest penetration that French kisses my G spot, encouraging the rapid production of nature’s finest lubricant…”

She kissed him again, adding more passion to the kiss.

“Make love to me!”

The passion, sensuality and the intensity of their love making was overwhelming.

So much so, that every nerve ending in their entwined bodies sent shock waves with each deep thrust; the beginnings of the imminent explosion started to surface.

Sweat, pre-cum, saliva, cunt juice; their bodily fluids combined and collided, like two hazardous chemicals mixed together; then BOOOM!

The rumble of the inevitable eruption could be felt and heard in the adjacent rooms and along the corridor on the 8th floor of the Xtra Hotel. Bedroom interlopers paused and did a double take as the audible sounds of the couple amid orgasm, caressed their ears in an unexpected yet pleasurable way.

“I want some of what she’s getting”, said one

“He’s really letting go”, said another

“Let’s go, I want to play too!”

Back in the bedroom they were panting, shaking, and panting some more.  He was still hard, still pounding and penetrating her, beyond all penetrations. Reciprocating, she met him thrust for thrust, her pussy grip tightened beyond tight, putting immense pressure on his shaft and literally squeezed the cum out of him!  He wasn’t ready to cum again, but her gorilla grip pussy dictated otherwise.

He slowed his thrusts, pulled his cock out, and then rubbed the tip on her clit.  His hot cum dripped on her throbbing, swollen clit; she growled. The feeling of his hot cum on her clit was too much for her to bear, her body jolted, as her mammoth orgasm made its presence heard and felt. She growled louder and swore.

“Oh, my fuck; aaaaaaarrrghhhhhhhh shit baby, rub the tip some more, that feels too good, rub it again please baaaaabbbeeeee” she purred.

He happily obliged and then slid his semi erect cock back into her hot pulsing pussy.  Her pleading orgasmic and glowing face looked way too sexy and innocent, causing him to cum again; surprising himself.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in tighter and closer as her pussy continued to bless him with its organic addictive liquid.  She held him tighter as her body shook uncontrollably; her cunt juice flowed like Dunn’s River falls. She came hard, she came loud; he watched and smiled as she vocally rode through her orgasm and admired the pleasure on her face as she came.

“Ohhhhh fuuuccckkkkk, oooohhhh fuck” she cursed and cooed.

She was sexy as fuck! He held her close as her damp body, shook softly.

“Wow baby, you look so fucking sexy when you cum”

She responded with a kiss.  His cock stiffened; he was ready to go again.

“Ooh I’m good to go again” she said as she stroked his erect cock

“Did you give me something to make me get hard again so quickly?”

“Yes. Motivation” she cooed

Teaser Alert: Make Love..!


Hey Beautiful People

How are we all doing today?

My new Teaser ‘Make Love‘ is about a couple that planned their first night of intimacy, in great detail.  That same plan however, went straight out of the window the minute they clapped eyes on each other.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love Meg x

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Sixteen Years

Love By Text

I know we say it all the time, but time really does fly.

One Christmas, my favourite aunt and best friend bought me a copy of: Is there a book in you, by Alison Baverstock.  The thing is, I don’t ever recall telling her that I always wanted to write, in fact I never mentioned it to anybody.  Ecstatic with my new gift, I read it cover to cover in next to no time and pondered things to write about.  My aunt and best friend, unknowingly kick started my dream.  I pondered for ever, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write about.  I thought about writing a children’s book, thinking back to the books I used to read as a child and the first book that my eldest daughter learned to read.  I thought about the books I enjoyed reading as a teenager and still drew a blank as to what to write about; I even thought about writing an autobiography, I’ll leave that one there, for now.



The thought of you not wearing any panties makes my imagination run wild.

I can imagine your work skirt, short and tight; you’re wearing some sexy black lace stockings too.

You’re sitting on a chair.  I get on my knees, spread your legs, and start licking your pussy through your stockings; soaking it and getting you wet.

I use my teeth to tear away the stocking so I can continue to lick your wet pussy lips, suck on your clit, and then stick my tongue in your sweet tight fat pussy.

All of this from the thought of you not wearing any panties!



Do you remember what it feels like to be balls deep inside me,

Can you remember how good my pussy felt when you were balls deep inside me,

I can you remember how good your cock felt when you were balls deep inside me.

My fat wet pussy received your thick juicy cock,

Every thrust sent shock waves throughout my body.

My nipples, sensitive to touch, my clit throbbing.

All because you were balls deep inside me.

Do you remember what it felt like to be balls deep inside me..?