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New Teaser Alert

Hey Beautiful People, It’s the weekend…..Yayyyyyyy!!! So, how was your day?  In fact, how was your first week of 2022? Mine has been a lot lazier then intended, but admittedly it felt really good. I’ve been writing, reflecting, chilling, writing, chilling, socialising, chilling, going gym, did I mention chilling…. It’s important to take time out occasionally, do what feels right, when you want to and at your own pace too.… Read More »New Teaser Alert

Performance Review

I looked across the board room table and caught his eye, just as the Chair bought the meeting to a close. “A note of this meeting will be out before close today and I look forward to seeing you all at the conference next week” “Thanks guys, see you next time” “Cheers, good meeting Sharon” “Catch up soon, gotta another meeting” “Take care, see you soon” “Let’s do coffee later.”… Read More »Performance Review

Meg's Novels

Special Offer…!

Hey You, It’s been a while… hope al is well… I apologise for my neglect, there really is no real reason.  I have been beavering away however, with the sequel to Members Only.  Am so excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you, all in good time, of course. So this is just a quickie to let you know of a special offer. Purchase any of my novels… Read More »Special Offer…!