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Head down

Hey Beautiful People,

It’s been a while; hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.  It’s great that the weather has held out for those at London’s Notting Hill Carnival, too.

Funnily enough, it doesn’t feel odd for me not being at the carnival today, especially after it’s absence due to the pandemic.  Instead I chose to spend today recovering from the night before as well as blessing you with this new Teaser called Head..!

Have you ever experienced something so mind-blowingly amazing that you can’t stop talking about it?  Well that’s exactly what this character has been through, read all about his experience in Head..!

Click the link to read more and enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend.


Meg xx

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That longer than planned soak in the tub was just what the doctor ordered.  Well, that’s what I thought until I saw her, sat up on the bed wearing her favourite outfit, her birthday suit.  She also had on those glasses that I loved to see her in, the same glasses that made her look even more sexy than I thought possible.  That might be more about my glasses fetish though!  She was laying there, in her favourite outfit, naked, and playing solitaire on her tablet.  Music was playing softly in the background and the lights were low.  She looked up at me and smiled as if she hadn’t seen me in a long time, like she really missed me.

“Enjoy your bath?” She asked

“Yes, ma’am and now I’m ready for the after party” I said smiling seductively as I walked towards her.

She looked at my rock-solid dick and licked her lips.  She opened her mouth to say something, and I took that as my cue to slide my dick into her open and very receptive mouth.  No words were needed, she received my dick like the true champion that she is!  Her soft and warm mouth felt so amazing that it took all of my will power not to bust my nut on entry.  She dropped her tablet and adjusted her position, so she was laying on her side and through all that time of position adjusting, she still had my dick in her mouth, sucking me slowly.  She has got some mad skills!

I love getting head, it is my absolute favourite.  I’ve had my dick sucked by many women with different levels of experience; I’ve had the worse head and the best head ever, but this little beauty gives the most amazing head ever.  Her technique is indescribable, and she switches it up every time that she gives me a blow job, so I can’t even pre-empt her moves and prepare myself mentally, for the mind-blowing experience.

She looked me dead in the eye as she continued to feast on my dick and smiled as she took me down her throat.  I came over all lightheaded as the tip of my dick caressed her tonsils; I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing as my dick found its way deeper down her throat.  She squeezed my arse and moaned into the base of my dick, sending gentle vibrations to every nerve ending; my body tightened, I was on the edge and almost ready to bust my nut.  She could feel the build-up and sensed the urgency; she looked up at me and then released the suction she had on my dick.  I exhaled, not even realising that I was holding my breath.  She gently stroked my dick and kissed the tip softly, while my breathing slowed, and my nut simmered. She rolled over, patting the space that she had just vacated; her eyes told me to lay down.

The space felt warm and sexy, just like her.  I lay on my back and looked over at her expectantly.  Pinching my nipples, she straddled me and then kissed her way down my body, starting at my neck.  Her soft lips on my neck soothed me, until she started to nibble and suck the flesh between my neck and collarbone.  I flinched and tried to wriggle free, but her grip was firm, and she sucked harder, clearly wanting to leave her mark.  She moved to my nipples, licking and sucking each one in turn before working her way down to my stomach, waist and groin, leaving a trail of mini hickeys and marking her territory along the way.  She held my dick in her hands and gently stroked me whilst her tongue found its way to my balls.


My balls are ultra-sensitive but also a massive turn on if handled right and like I said, she’s got some mad skills.  I looked at our reflection in the mirror, zooming in on her arse in the air.  What a picture!  The round and firmness of her sexy arse cheeks, her pink diamond butt plug sparkling in the light and her fat juicy pussy peeping between the tops of her thighs was sexy as fuck.  That image alone was enough to stir up my nut once more; pre cum leaked and she lapped it up as quickly as it appeared.

“Babes, you want me to bust already?”

She ignored me and carried on playing with my balls; she looked behind and saw the same reflection in the mirror that was driving me insane.  Smiling, she did a sexy wiggle and made sure that I could see her wetness.

“Babes, I…. Jheeeeezzzz”

She cut me off by taking my dick in her mouth and sucked me harder than before.

“Hhhhmmmmmmmppppghhhhhhhh oh shit, shit, babes, Baaa…”

She flicked her tongue over the tip of my dick, she licked under the rim, she swallowed my dick whole!  My dick caressed the back of her throat and danced with her tonsils, she grabbed my arse, pulling me in closer and deeper.  Her sexy and soulful moans vibrated all over my body and lingered at the tip of my dick.  My dick throbbed as it continuously stroked her throat; my dick throbbed some more as she milked the nut from my balls; my dick throbbed even more when she swallowed every drop of my nut!

“Aaaarrrffgggggghhhhh, hhhhrrrrmmpppgghh, aaaarrrghhh oh shi, sh, shiiiittt ooooohhhh”

I came like I hadn’t cum for days; I came hard and plenty.  I felt weak.  My soul had literally just been sucked out of me through my dick and swallowed by this sexy queen in front of me.  I collapsed on the bed and tried to steady my breathing, she lay beside me, covered my hand with hers and squeezed it gently until I calmed down.

She turned her back to me and assumed the spooning position.  I pulled her closer to me and held her tight; her warm skin felt so good against my clammy body; her butt rested on my limp dick and made me feel at peace.  The sexy queen that spooned in front of me had just given me the most amazing head ever, again, she calmed my breathing and then put me to sleep; just like that.

New Teaser Alert


Hey Beautiful People,

It’s the weekend…..Yayyyyyyy!!!

So, how was your day?  In fact, how was your first week of 2022?

Mine has been a lot lazier then intended, but admittedly it felt really good.

I’ve been writing, reflecting, chilling, writing, chilling, socialising, chilling, going gym, did I mention chilling….

It’s important to take time out occasionally, do what feels right, when you want to and at your own pace too.

Recharge, refocus and return twice as powerful.

Anyway, in between writing the sequel to Members Only, I’ve written a few short pieces and will post them throughout January.

The first piece was inspired by Lady Red and her Soulmate and it’s called Performance Review.

Click the link to read more and enjoy.

Have a great weekend when it comes.


Meg xx


Performance Review


I looked across the board room table and caught his eye, just as the Chair bought the meeting to a close.

“A note of this meeting will be out before close today and I look forward to seeing you all at the conference next week”

“Thanks guys, see you next time”

“Cheers, good meeting Sharon”

“Catch up soon, gotta another meeting”

“Take care, see you soon”

“Let’s do coffee later.”

One by one they all left the board room, leaving the Chair, her assistant, me and him behind.

As I was speaking to the Chair about the conference, I looked over at him and he smiled and then bit his bottom lip.  That action and smile told me he understood my subliminal messages from earlier and was more than ready to submit to me in any way possible.

“Was good to catch up, Monique, I’ll have Mary set up a quick meeting for us before the conference” said the Chair

“Perfect, thanks Sharon; see you both again soon, take care”

“Thanks and you. Carlos, did you want to see me too?” she asked turning to face him

“No, I just need a quick word with Monique”

“Ok. I’ll leave you two, to it”.

Sharon and Mary left us in the room, closing the door behind them.  Carlos took a step closer to me and reached for my hand. He pulled me towards him and attempted to kiss me.

“Not here, follow me” I said

Carlos smiled and followed me as I headed down the corridor, making a sudden turn towards the bathroom.

“In here” I demanded, pulling him to the large unisex cubicle.

Carlos happily obliged but was more than surprised when I locked the door and pushed him up against it.  I dropped to my knees and hungrily unzipped his jeans.  Whipping out his semi erect cock, I sucked him to within an inch of his life and stopped suddenly.  Slowing my roll, I ran my tongue along his rigid shaft, feeling his thick veins flex at my warm and wet touch.  I squeezed his balls softly before kissing and sucking on them gently. His balls filled my mouth perfectly and he loved it when I sucked them whilst wanking his shaft.

“Fuck yea” he moaned.

The tip of his cock glistened as if demanding more attention from my tongue.  I licked the tip and smiled as he groaned louder.  I took him all in my mouth and slid down slowly to the base; taking a deep breath, I relaxed and took him further until I could feel his cock at the back of my throat.  His body quivered in reaction to the feeling of my throat closing around his cock; his cock swelled some more.  Relaxing even more, I bobbed  up and down ever so slightly, with his cock down my throat.

He held my head and attempted to fuck my throat; I moved his hands and stopped sucking him altogether.

“Keep your hands to yourself” I ordered and resumed sucking

“You give the best head” he moaned as my head bobbed up and down.

“Aarrgghhhh fuck, fuck, ooohhhhhh shiiiiiiiiittttt” he groaned as he came hard.

His eyes were shut tight, his breathing fast and uneven.

“Open your eyes and look at the mess you’ve made” I said as I stood up.

My chest was covered in his cum and some dripped from my chin.  He was shaking and couldn’t quite catch his breath.


“I’ll leave you to pull yourself together whilst I clean up”

“Sure” was all he could say

“Be ready in 20 minutes because you need to fuck me.”

19 minutes later, I got a message telling me to meet him on the 3rd floor; I couldn’t get there quick enough.  He was waiting by the water cooler, speaking to a colleague, I smiled at them both and made my way to the bathroom.  He was right behind me as I pushed the door to the cubicle.

“It’s my turn” he said locking the door behind him.

He kissed me hard and passionately, whilst pulling up my skirt and fighting with my thong.  He spun me around, bent me over and thrust his cock inside me without warning. I screamed out loud as his solid cock forced its way into my tight wetness.  He pounded my cunt like his life depended on it, exactly how liked it. I bucked into his thrusts until I found our rhythm.

“Oohhhh fuck me, this feels too fucking good Carlos, please don’t stop Carlos baby.”

Carlos loved it when I moaned and called out his name; my pussy loved him more.  He stopped suddenly and told me to swap places; he sat on the seat, and I straddled him, riding him slowly, to the song playing in my head.  I absolutely loved being on top; riding Carlos always felt so deep and amazing.  I could feel the pressure rising in me as I rode him hard but slow, circling my hips in a figure of 8 motion and squeezing his cock in the process.  I turned around and attempted to ride him reverse cowgirl style, but he stopped me.

“It’s my turn, remember?”

He encouraged me to sit as he dropped to his knees.

“I’m so hungry, I feel like I haven’t eaten for days” he said as he pulled off my sodden thong.

Carlos ate my pussy.  He sucked my pussy; he licked my pussy.  Carlos’s tongue expertly danced all over my clit and she responded well by throbbing against his every stroke.  Using his fingers to spread my lips and make sure my hole was fully visible, Carlos’s tongue tunnelled its way towards my womb.

“Oh, Carlos baby, oooooh baaaaaabbbby; fff fu fuck fucking fuck”

His lips were back on my clit, kissing her softly; flicking his tongue over her before French kissing her deeply and with passion.  The pressure was too much, I couldn’t control it, not that I wanted to; far from it.  I needed to cum hard and was almost there; Carlos knew the explosion was imminent and sucked that much harder.  I leaned back, locked my legs around his neck and gave in to my orgasm.  I came hard and loud; it was very much needed.

It was insane, it was absolutely fucking wild; I could barely stand up and looked like I’d just finished a 5k run in the middle of a scorching hot summer. My body felt hot and my heart was pumping; I looked flush and desperately needed to cool down.  As soon as I felt strong enough to stand and walk, I fixed my clothes, cleaned up as best as I could, and then went outside to cool down.  It took us both a good half hour or so to return to normal.

When I eventually returned to my desk, I noticed a handwritten memo thanking me for my outstanding performance!

Special Offer…!

Meg's Novels

Meg's Novels

Hey You,

It’s been a while… hope al is well…

I apologise for my neglect, there really is no real reason.  I have been beavering away however, with the sequel to Members Only.  Am so excited about this and can’t wait to share it with you, all in good time, of course.

So this is just a quickie to let you know of a special offer.
Purchase any of my novels via my publishers (see link) and get 15% off by quoting SPRING15 at the checkout.

Hurry tho, offer ends 7th May 2021

Thank you for your continued support.

Love Meg xx

The One ..!


Am I the one?

I want to be the one you wake up next to; the first person that you see every morning

The one to wake you up with a smile and more

I want to be the one you rush home to; the one you can’t bear to be apart from

The one that makes your smile brighter than yesterday and even brighter than the day before

I want to be the one that makes you happy; the one that makes you belly laugh

The one you turn to in times of need, want and desire

I want to be the one you call when you’ve had a good or bad day; the first person you want to share your news and experiences with, both good and bad.

If and when we’re apart, I want to be the one you call when you just wake up and the last person you speak to before you go to bed

I want to be the one that you call in the middle of the night, when you can’t sleep

If and when we’re apart, I want to be the one that when you mention my name, you smile broadly, fondly and lustfully

When you mention my name, you smile in memory of the last thing you said to me; and the last moment we shared

I want to be the one that when you mention my name, you think about the memories we’ve already made and those we are yet to create

I want to be the one to make your eyes sparkle, your smile brighter and your dick twitch, whenever you hear my voice

And when you see me, I want to be the one that makes your heart skip a beat, makes you melt and the one that make your dick get hard

I want to be the one that when you see me all you want to do is hold me, protect me, squeeze me, kiss me, make love to me.

I am the one; I am your one…!