On the Road – Part 2


She hated dilemmas!  She really wanted to feed him but felt like the situation was a now or never type flex.  Sadly, he didn’t look like a now or never type of guy and she didn’t want to run the risk of scary him off with her debaucherous behaviour.

What to do, what to do?

The truck came to, yet another standstill and the decision was taken away from her, or so she thought, when a dark-skinned girl with a decent looking rack appeared from nowhere causing him to pull away, instantly.

“His loss is my gain” said another fit stud who also appeared from nowhere

“Oh yea, what makes you so sure?” She teased

“My whine is stronger than yours and I can last a lot longer than him”

“Such confidence!” She smiled and turned to drink from her hip flask.

She took a step back and looked him up and down, realising it was Carlos.

“I see you still managed to find me no matter how hard I tried to hide from you” she said stepping into his embrace

“Told you, I’ve put a tracker on you, and it goes off if you just happen to be within 20 feet of me” he teased, holding her close

“Ok let me go now and stop tryna block my traffic; who you here with?”

“All da man dem and Melissa too; who you here with?”

“Full crew, standard!”

She looked through the crowds and spotted some of the man dem, smiling broadly as they caught her eye and made their way over.  After a round of hugs, swigs from hip flasks and idle chit chat Monique contemplated leaving the truck and finding a sound system. She felt like now was the time for a change of scenery, new eye candy, a different menu to choose from. As she went to update her crew, the fit guy came back to find her. He stood in front of her and pulled her close to him.

“Sorry about that, my sister wanted some money and cigarettes”

“What you telling me that for?”

“I don’t want you to think that I’m a pussy and ran off just because my girl turned up”

“It’s cool, none of my business anyway babe”

“Well, I still really want to taste you”.

She looked deep into his eyes and could see the lust staring right back at her; with her hands on his firm shoulders, she pulled him close to whisper, making sure her lips brushed his cheek and rested on his ear.

“And I really want to feed you”

“Now or never” he whispered back, nibbling her ear.

Those three words caused her clit to throb and her nipples to harden. How often did one get to meet and feed a kindred spirit?

“Soon come” she said to her friends.

All of them gave her the knowing nod.

“Let’s go” she said pulling him behind her, as she marched off.

Obediently he let himself be led away from the crowd and more importantly away from the police. She managed to lead him through the crowds and to the back of the community centre in less than five minutes. He looked surprised when she produced a key and opened the door to what looked like a utility room.

“Why ha…..”

She silenced him with a kiss and tugged at the button on his shorts. He stopped her and guided her over to an old table in the corner.

“This might be your set up, but I need to taste you” he said softly and encouraged her to sit on the table.

The noise outside from the music and people was almost non-existent to them both as their focus turned to each other.  He kissed her slowly, soft kisses on each of her lips and all over her face. He nibbled her ears and kissed along her collar bone; her body quivered.

“Oh, so you like that do you?” he continued working his way down her body with his lips, then returning to her collar bone.

He relished the quiver she made when he kissed along her collar; it made his dick very hard, and as much as he really wanted to fuck her, he really wanted, no, he needed to taste her a whole lot more!  He enjoyed kissing her.  Soft kisses that made his lips tingle as they caressed her smooth, warm skin.  She allowed him to take control and enjoyed being subservient for a change. She leaned back on the wall at an angle, allowing him to pull her shorts down to her knees; then she giggled as he decided to take them off altogether instead.  Encouraging her to spread her legs, he inhaled deeply, smelling her hot wet sex.  His eyes rolled back as the blood rushed to the tip of his cock; he breathed deeply, fighting the inevitable urge.  Pulling her thong to the side, he squeezed the fleshy part of her pussy, admiring how fat and juicy it looked and felt.  He slid a finger inside her, she gasped; he smiled and then sucked her wetness from his finger.

“Fuck me, I knew you would taste good but not this fucking good; this pussy is by far the sweetest, richest and highly addictive tasting pussy, EVER!!”

“Thank you, now please show me what your gorgeous mouth and those juicy lips can do”

“Truss mi, I intend to! I’m going to take my time with you, feast on your creamy wetness. I’m going to savour the flavour and su….”

She pulled his head down into her throbbing pussy, silencing him instantly.  She closed her eyes and relaxed as his lips and tongue explored her pussy at a painfully slow pace, that frustrated and excited her more, both at the same time.  Her head was spinning, every nerve ending heightened and tingled from a combination of euphoria, rum, weed and the ambush her pussy was currently under.  Her pussy was drenched, it was soaking wet; her clit swollen, tender and erect.  She was beyond horny and knew she was going to explode the minute his tongue touched her clit, but what the fuck was taking him so long!  She attempted to guide his mouth to her clit, but he pulled away; she whined her waist and thrust her hips towards his mouth.  He stopped and looked at her.

“We’re doing this my way, so lay back, just ‘low me to do my ting and handle my business, yea!” he said sternly


The authority in his voice made her nipples hurt and her pussy weep!  It was like somebody didn’t turn the tap off properly and the water slowly trickled out; that’s how wet the authority in his voice made her.  He kissed her with a renewed passion, her wetness was weakening his resolve. He wanted to fuck her till her pussy was dry, but he knew he would cum within seconds, the minute he slipped his cock in, especially as she was so wet.  He thought kissing her would distract him a bit, but damn; this woman was on a totally different level to what he was used to and expecting!

Her kiss was hungry, aggressive, and then her kiss was soft, sweet, and passionate. She sucked so hard on his bottom lip, that his dick hurt.  He had to fuck her, but really wanted to finish tasting and eating her pussy.  She released his bottom lip, then kissed the tip of his nose and encouraged him to finish his meal. That tender moment triggered his precum and lots of it too.

“Ooh looks like somebody needs tasting too” she cooed

“All in good time, I need to finish what I started”

He stroked his cock and rubbed his thumb over the tip, she took his hand and sucked on his thumb, tasting his wetness. She closed her eyes as she sucked on his thumb, enjoying the thickness of it as well as the taste of his pre cum.  That was it for him, he had to fuck her that instant; he would finish eating after.  Sensing his change, she handed him a condom and adjusted her position.  He French kissed her pussy and then slowly slid his dick into her tight wetness.

“Fuck me!” They chorused.

She groaned as he slowly thrust in and out of her wet pussy.  He felt a lot bigger than he looked and it felt like his cock grew thicker and harder with every thrust.  Her pussy was absolutely drenched, but still very tight.  She whined into his thrusts allowing her hole to be stretched to accommodate his girth.  The beginnings of her first eruption was imminent though she fought to hold it back. He rotated his hips and penetrated her deeper, hitting the spot that burst the dam.

“Ooooooh arrggghhhh”

She screamed as she came and grabbed his arse forcing him to fuck her harder and faster.  Using her pussy walls, she tightened the grip on his dick, squeezing tight as he came too.

“Raaaahhhhhh, fuck, oh fuck, ooommphgg”

He grunted and came twice as hard!  He gradually slowed his thrusts until he finished cumming, kissing her hard and stroking her face.  She squeezed her walls, milking him and making him get hard again.  She needed to cum again, he had to cum again; they both needed to cum again, together.  She relaxed her grip, slowed her whine right down to an almost standstill and then squeezed her pussy walls as tight as possible.

Her legs started to shake; he groaned loudly as the vibrations from her shaking body made him cum instantly.  She came a few seconds after.

“Oooooohhhhhhh aaarrrrgggghh oh my, fuck. Hmmmppgghhh” they chorused.

Their bodies entwined as one, all sweaty, but panting and glowing in the aftermath of some lit random sex.

“Babe, like what the actual fuck? Jheez, you’ve got some mad skills. I swear, your pussy is powerful beyond belief”

She replied with a smile and enjoyed the feel of his semi naked body on top of hers.  He started to mumble and then went back to work, to finish feasting on her pussy.  He French kissed the life out of her clit; and with two fingers deep inside her pussy and his thumb in her arse, her whole body started to shake.  He attempted to pull away and check that she was ok.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop” she growled through clenched teeth.

She raised up onto her elbows, to watch him eat. He sucked harder, fingered faster, and pushed his thumb in a little deeper; legs shaking she flopped back down and moaned louder.  He lapped heartily at her never-ending juices, fully savouring it all.

“Arrrrrgggghhhh ooooohhhhh yyeeeeeesssssss ooooohhhh fuck, fuck, fuck”

She held onto his head as she came, pulling him deeper into her pussy and locking her legs around his neck. She was still coming as he sucked even harder; he couldn’t believe how much she came and how much more it turned him on. Then suddenly, she pushed him off her and squirted, shaking as she did so. He wasn’t expecting that, he got caught in the spray but didn’t get soaked; not that he would have minded!

“Wow, you look absolutely fucking beautiful when you cum”

“Thanks. And you look absolutely fucking edible with my cum all over your face and beard.”

He laughed and kissed her softly.

“You good baby?” he asked

“Yea I’m good, you?”

“Well, I will be when the feeling returns to my neck”

“Sorry if I hurt you, I don’t know my own strength sometimes!”

“Beautiful, I am more than ok. I might have sustained a few minor injuries and partially drowned during your showers though, but it’s all good”

“Am glad you’re ok and thank you; your tongue and fingers are amazing”

“More than welcome; your pussy is very accommodating, and I really do hope we can do this again”

“I’m sure we can come to some arrangement”.

He kissed her with a different passion; she was such a good kisser and he wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms and kiss her as they made love.  She wanted something similar, but knew their time was limited; it wouldn’t be long either before her peeps came looking for her. This was the only time that she was grateful that the phone signal during the carnival was almost non-existent.

“Better clean up and go back” she said pulling away from him

“Do we have to? I’m getting hard again and would love to go another round or three.”

She responded by handing him some wipes and encouraged him to clean up. The slow and seductive way in which he wiped his cock sent shivers down her spine and the throbbing straight back down to her clit.  She took a deep breath and started to clean herself; her gaze returned to him as he effortlessly wiped his cock, she licked her lips hungrily and contemplated going for another round….


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