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About Me.

Welcome to my website!

Just thought I’d share a little bit about me and my musings….

My dream to actually write ‘a book’ was realised when I got a random idea during a training session and quickly penned the outline for my first novel Love By Text (LBT); it started off as “chick-lit” with a hint of sex. 

The idea for Just Being Friendly (JBF) came about after a conversation with a colleague and developed way beyond my expectations.  There was no “chick-lit” with a hint of sex here, just full on sex!

After several demands of “when is your next book coming out Meg?” I penned a number of short stories to produce Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums.  This collection of Erotica has some bespoke illustrations for each story; if you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out!

An unscheduled Members Only was the next book to follow and again, this idea was kick started by a text message way back when, from a close friend. I just know she doesn’t even remember sending that text!

My inspiration is very random to say the least.  I’m inspired by the places I visit, the people I meet and the conversations I accidentally over hear.  I see something, get an idea and will pen the outline of a story or chapter.  I’ve built many a chapter on simple one-liners.

Please don’t stop talking when you see me coming I promise I won’t write about you… honest!  But if I do smile brightly whilst you’re talking, be warned, you may have just inspired my next piece.

Although all of my work is purely fiction, those that have read my novels are often trying to guess which of the characters is me and who the others are….

Do keep an eye on my site and social media pages for book readings/signings and sneak previews, and please feel free to drop me a line with your comments and requests.

Happy reading and thanks again for checking out my site.



My musings....
Meg Philip

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Meg Philip

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Here's a few stories for you, enjoy....

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Just Being Friendly

£ 10
  • They lived on the same estate, were very close friends and grew up as one big family, often referring to each other as brothers and sisters. Karen is single, carefree and really enjoys male company. She loves to get her freak on at any given opportunity. Anna has a string of achievements to her name; her latest is called Derek. He immediately falls for Anna and her innocence but yet, he is blissfully unaware of her promiscuity. Melanie is finally getting over her break up with Roger and vows to start having fun again. Josh wants a repeat performance of the night of debauchery that happened after a few hours of excessive indulgence; the recipient however, is unwilling. Just Being Friendly tells the story of a group of close friends that try to enjoy life to the fullest; partying very hard and embarking on a series of erotic encounters.

Members Only

£ 11
  • Angelique runs a thriving modelling agency for curvaceous women and is also a very successful and sought after photographer. Happy, go lucky Kelly has a very large appetite for life and all of its debaucheries. She is the self-appointed ‘go to’ person for almost anything and is often referred to as the Dick Dealer! Maxine has the prettiest boyfriend in London, and he knows it! Daniel is the original Player and thinks Maxine is the one to tame him once they start living together. Nadine is being pursued by Tony her ex and Jordan, a casual fling. Neither will take no for answer until she is rescued by a tall, dark and handsome knight in shining armour. A close circle of friends; strong, independent and successful women who work very hard, but party even harder! So, how did they get here?

Love By Text

£ 10
  • Ollie misdials his then girlfriend’s number and stumbles across Stella who gives him a hard time about it. They start phoning each other on a regular basis and exchange “pictures”. Realising their lust for each other, they embark on a telephonic erotic adventure. When Ollie and Stella finally meet 6 months later, the sparks fly and so begins their non-stop erotic and explicit adventure . . .!

Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums

£ 8
  • There are 365 days in the year and 366 days in a leap year but there are countless days in Monique's year. Monique is a quiet and unassuming professional that takes each day as it comes. A teacher by day and a vixen by night; Monique has a lust for life, laughs and sex, and has no problems combining the two. Monique gives us an insight to the extra curricular activities that keep her occupied in between her day job!


I can not believe what im reading i need a shot of hennessy real quick lawddd of merch woooooo.


Shout Out to Meg Philip and her number One selling book 'Members Only'!

Mr Oh with the words

Got my signed copy, break time for me. Do Not Disturb!



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