Just Being Friendly – Anna (again)


Just Being Friendly – Anna (again)

I soon found the male Oral Suite, established the correct protocol and took my position at the end of the room. The first guy I sucked came within seconds.

I didn’t realise I had it in me I thought.

I had sucked about four cocks within ten minutes, and all four came quite quickly too. I changed my technique slightly with the next guy, to see if he could be the one I gave my pussy to. He lasted longer than the others but still came too quick for my liking!

I’ll get lockjaw at this rate I thought.

I was about to give up and try my luck elsewhere, when this gorgeous Asian looking man walked in and looked around the room. I looked up and made eye contact with him. He blew me a kiss; I smiled and motioned for him to come over. I stood up and looked him up and down. Fuck me he was gorgeous. He kissed me ever so softly on my lips, pecking tenderly, sucking my bottom lip gently; fuck me the softest lips ever. He kissed and pecked whilst looking directly into my eyes as he did so.

‘May I?’ I asked.

‘Be my guest’ he replied.

I dropped to my knees and ran my hands up and down his firm legs, followed by my tongue. I could feel his body relax instantly. He wore a red leather thong that complimented his skin tone. I squeezed his bum with one hand, whilst freeing his cock with the other. He flexed his cock to meet my wet and receptive tongue. I held on to both of his bum cheeks as I teased and rubbed the tip of his cock with my nose. He groaned softly. I extended my tongue to meet his cock and flicked it around the tip. He groaned softly. I held his cock lightly and guided it into my mouth; sucking him slowly so I could explore and enjoy every vein along his rigid shaft. He groaned softly.

I wanked his shaft as slowly as I sucked his cock. He groaned slightly louder this time. I started to massage his balls whilst I sucked his cock, getting into a nice and steady rhythm. His breathing increased and pre cum leaked. He started muttering to himself as I picked up the pace and sucked him faster; wanking him equally as fast. His cock was so juicy and succulent, I could suck him all day; I nibbled the tip of his cock whilst continuing to wank him. He groaned and mumbled even louder, causing one or two others to stop and stare. The louder he groaned the more turned on I became; I decided there and then that he would be the one to have first dibs on my pussy.

He pulled back and came. I just about managed to avoid being sprayed in the face. A small queue had started to form behind him; I was flattered but I really wanted the Asian Prince to be the one to own my pussy. I looked at him expectantly; he kissed me again, equally as tender as before and whispered that he needed time to replenish. He stroked my face, kissed the tip of my nose and promised to be back in half an hour. I sighed and turned my attention back to my small fan club.

I sucked a few more cocks and decided I’d had enough, much to the dismay of my fan club; unfortunately there wasn’t another that was successful in peaking my interest!

I made my way to the gang bang room on the floor below and saw Helen from earlier, being fucked by three men; a cock in each hole. I stood and watched mesmerised and getting more turned on by the second.

‘That was quite a performance’ said a voice from nowhere.

It was him, my Asian Prince. I smiled at him and kissed him softly on his lips.

He kissed me back and touched my pussy.

‘Wow, it feels so hot and juicy’ he said.

He squeezed my pussy gently and somehow managed to slip a finger in. I led him to the room next door and pulled him over to a chair in the corner; I then tried to push him to sit down. Instead, he gently spun me around so I was sitting down. He got on his knees, slowly opened my legs and sucked my pussy through my thong. Fuck I nearly came straight away. He took my thong off and resumed sucking my pussy whilst finger fucking my arse; I was in hysterics as he tortured my clit with his tongue and teeth. I held onto his head, forcing him deeper while I thrust my pussy in his face, fucking his tongue with determination.

Oh man, I’m going to burst again I thought as my body tightened in preparation.

Once again, a small crowd had gathered to watch the show. I screamed louder and locked my legs around his neck tightly as my volcano erupted and my lava flowed. My body shook as my lava continued to spill from my pussy. My Asian Prince drank greedily as I came, he was still finger fucking my arse. He sat back and looked me deep in the eye; his cock rock solid.

‘Can I fuck you now?’ he asked.

‘Be my guest’ I replied as I stood.


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