Just Being Friendly – Anna


Just Being Friendly – Anna

I must not sleep with this man tonight I thought.

I quickened my pace, dragging him up the gravel path. My heels impacting with the ground was the only sound to be heard. I stopped by a tree and pulled him in for another kiss. He pinned me against the tree, holding my hands above my head and kissed my face and neck.

He lifted up my top and attacked my breasts through my bra.

He freed my breasts, and sucked then bit my nipples hungrily. I moaned in pleasure and reached down for his cock. Derek moved my hand and dropped to his knees. He lifted my skirt, looked up and smiled at the realisation that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He spread my legs and immediately set to work on my sodden pussy. He sucked my clit with such fierce passion, causing me to moan loudly. I ran my fingers through his hair and held onto his head forcing his tongue deeper inside me. He lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder so he could sink his tongue in even deeper.

Derek licked the length of my slit and sucked my clit with a vengeance. My pussy responded by releasing a steady trickle of its lava for him to lap up. I could feel the pressure building up and was nearly at bursting point. Derek slipped a finger up my arse, fucking it as hard as he was fucking my pussy with his tongue. I grabbed Derek’s ears, his head and then his shirt; holding on for dear life as my volcano erupted and my lava gushed into his receptive mouth. My body spasmed for what seemed like a lifetime as my lava continued to gush. I tried to stand but my legs were like jelly. Derek stood up and lifted both my legs around him. I locked them around his waist as he thrust his cock up and in me.

Derek held me tight as he fucked me hard up against the tree; the roughness of the bark, grazed against my back. We got into a steady rhythm while he fucked me hard but slow; his cock pounding my pussy, his tongue circling my nipples. He squeezed my arse and again slipped a finger up there; fucking me with his finger and cock. I nibbled his ears and bit his neck as he pumped harder and pumped faster. I could feel his body tighten, preparing for the imminent explosion; his eyes were shut tight.

‘I can’t… hold back… any lon…’

Derek came hard, so hard I could feel his hot cum travelling through me at break neck speed. His body trembled and he squeezed me tighter. We stood still for a while, my legs wrapped around his waist, my skirt up and around mine. His trousers around his ankles and his bum exposed for all to see; not that there was anyone about. I pushed him away slowly so I could stand up. His legs were still shaking; so I turned him around to lean against the tree. I helped him up with his trousers, kissing him as he did his buckle.


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