Let’s get something straight; with me what you see is very much what you get;

But everything about you just makes me wet.

Your walk, your talk,

Your style and sexy swagger.

Your smile, your eyes,

Not to mention the way you dagger.

Ok, ok yes I am very turned on;

I wanna sit on your face and be fucked by your tongue.

Riding and sliding all over your face;

Grinding and whining at a considerable pace.

I’m up on all fours, I want to feel you from behind;

A fast and furious quickie

Which in time

Makes us both hot and very sticky.

Oh yes lover, fuck me harder;

My volcano yearning to erupt its lava.

Don’t stop baby I’m almost there,

Fuck me, fuck me, oh baby yeah…..

Our legs entwined as we spoon,

Hoping to repeat that performance soon.

You kiss my neck as you play with my hair,

Ooh I love it when you stroke me there.

Then you reach around to play with my breasts

Squeezing them hard to make sure I stay very wet.

You pinch my arse, squeeze my legs

Doing all you can to keep me in bed.

You shift as once more, your nature starts to rise,

Trying to fight its way between my thighs.

Resistance is futile as we both know,

Cos I’m soaking wet and in, he easily goes.

Slow strokes, strong strokes in and out of my hole;

Not too fast, we don’t want him to blow…so soon!

Mmm sex while we spoon is so fucking amazing;

Your tender touch and lips on my skin sets my cunt blazing.

Our rhythm is smooth,

As we synchronise our moves;

Circular thrusts,

Until we both combust.

Covered in sweat and lots of sticky cum;

We eventually succumb.

To a deep,

And peaceful sleep!


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