Just Being Friendly – Karen


Just Being Friendly – Karen

I stood in front of him in just my underwear and stilettos. I turned around slowly, so he could admire my semi naked body. I held his gaze whilst running my hands up and down the sides of my body. Barry breathed deeply and tried to resist the urge to reach out and stroke me.

‘Wow, you have been practising some restraint haven’t you my dear’ I said admiring his sudden bout of willpower.

‘Yes mistress, I have’ he replied, regressing to his favourite character with low self-esteem.

‘I am very pleased with your progress Master Bates and as a reward; you can pick which pleasure you’d like to receive first’

‘Thank you Mistress.’

‘Now be a good boy and fetch me your bag and your collar’

‘Yes Mistress. Here you are Mistress. May I put it on Mistress?’

‘Go ahead Master Bates. Now then, because you have demonstrated a degree of restraint you can choose a pleasure, what will it be?’
Barry was into S&M big time. It wasn’t really my thing but the more he asked me to do it with him, the more I kind of got into it. We didn’t do the full on rubber wearing, tying up and whipping shit; well not yet anyway. It was more of the collar, leash, handcuffs and blindfold type of stuff.   He would get into character and I would dominate him by talking down to him and getting him to do absolutely anything I wanted him to!

‘Mistress, I’d like you to choose my pleasure.’

I wasn’t feeling particularly creative at the time and couldn’t for love nor money think of anything for him to do. Whilst I was thinking, he began to stroke his cock absentmindedly.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’ I shouted at him.

‘Sorry Mistress’

‘Right, go and get me the paddle now!’

Barry handed me the paddle and bent over the chair and without warning, I raised my hand and struck his bum with such aggression, twice; once on each cheek. Barry flinched and let out a muffled cry, then stood up. Holding his head down, he apologised then thanked me.

‘Now that you have learnt your lesson Master Bates, I’d like you to stroke your cock with both hands’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I sat and watched Barry slowly masturbate whilst holding his gaze. Who’d have thought a man like Barry would be into all this kinky shit. Barry was six feet and four inches tall, he weighed about seventeen stone and had a twenty inch neck. He worked out in the gym all day every day.

‘Master Bates, I can see you’re starting to get a little too excited. Stop what you are doing now and come over here’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I sat on the kitchen table, spreading my legs wide.

‘Eat my pussy.’

Barry wasted no time getting on his knees in front of me. He rubbed his nose along the damp patch in my knickers, and sucked away at my wetness. Barry loved sucking my juices through my knickers; the first time he did it was pretty sexy and really made me that much wetter. After the third and fourth time though, it started to get a little tedious.

‘I said eat my pussy, not suck my knickers. Do as you’re told or else Master Bates’ I bellowed.

‘Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.’

I stood so Barry could take my knickers off and watched as he smeared the crutch all over his face; he really was a kinky fucker. Barry realised I was watching him, dropped his head and begged for my forgiveness. I was getting bored of this little game now. I got the paddle, motioned for him to bend over and spanked him ten times on each cheek.

‘Now, get on your knees and finish the job properly’ I commanded.

I sat upright in the chair, with my legs spread wide. Barry was on his knees kissing and massaging my pussy.

This is more like it I thought.

I could feel the pressure inside me building; I was almost at boiling point. Barry licked the length of my slit, and chewed gently on my labia as I writhed and moaned in delight. He teased my clit with the tip of his tongue, encouraging it to protrude even more; the gradual exposure made my clit even more sensitive than normal. Barry sucked away on my clit; the heat from his mouth and power from his tongue sent me into overdrive; it felt as though he was French kissing my clit. I could feel my body begin to tighten as Barry neared the spot.

Barry had left his alter ego and was now causing some serious damage to my pussy. The louder I moaned, the harder he licked and sucked. Barry slipped a finger up my arse as he was sucking and that did it for me. Grabbing his head, I pulled him deeper into me, fucking his face while his tongue fucked my pussy.

Man I’ve not been eaten like this in a long time I thought as Barry brought me to the edge and stopped.

He readjusted his position and went back in for the kill. I was there, ready to explode; right on the edge, just a little bit further. I yanked his head back and with an almighty scream, I came squirting in his face and open mouth. Barry continued to fuck my arse with his fingers and I continued to squirt in his face.


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