Just One of Those Days!


Just One of Those Days!

It was one of those days where I severely lacked discipline. The in tray was steadily piling up and deadlines were fast approaching but I had other things on my mind. I didn’t want to cost my client’s new event, I didn’t want to read through my other client’s contract; I didn’t want to do any work at all, it was just one of those days.

I needed stimulating, needed some motivation; the kind of stimulating motivation I was unlikely to find staring at my computer screen, or could I?

I logged into my profile on fuckmeyouarehot.com and smiled at the 20+ people wanting to be my “friend”. I should have realised that posting my succulent chocolate nipple for my profile picture would increase traffic! Temporarily ignoring those “friend” requests, I scanned my messages and found the one I was looking for, well it was more like ten to be honest.

I opened the first and it read:

“I want to undress you and tease your nipples with my tongue”

The 2nd read:

“Your huge chocolate nipples are a meal on their own; I can’t wait to feast on them.”

And the 3rd:

“I want you on your back so I can lick my way up the inside of your thighs”

Can you see where I’m going with this?
His last message simply said:

“I’m suddenly at a loose end and can meet anywhere within a 5 mile radius of Wembley whenever you want; just let me know”

Mmm now there was an offer I should refuse but didn’t want to.

He called himself Choc Dick and we had been talking for a couple of months now; we met up for the first time about three weeks ago, by chance at an exhibition I coordinated for one of my clients. I say by chance, but during one of our many conversations Choc Dick happened to mention he was attending that same event; what a coincidence! Anyway we hit it off and agreed to meet up again soon; its funny how soon doesn’t really have a time limit. Three weeks later though and here he is at a sudden loose end and well, I’m thinking… should I? Should I really meet up with Choc Dick? Mmm… Fuck it; Carpe Diem right? Perhaps I might even get to see that chocolate dick of his!
My PA frowned at my lame excuse as I ditched everything work related and rushed off to meet Mr Choc Dick.

I found a secluded spot in the car park, sent him a text to let him know I’d arrived, and then walked into the shopping centre to window shop while I waited. As I stared trance like at the lingerie in the window of La Senza the air around me suddenly became close and warm; I could feel a presence behind me and knew it was him. He kissed the side of my neck as he slid his arms around me.

‘Hi Chocolate Nipples’ he whispered as he nibbled my ear.

Damn that deep sexy voice with that slight Northern accent had an immediate effect on my senses; talk about make a girl’s nipples stand to attention!

I tried to maintain my composure by staring hard at the scantily clad mannequin; was it my imagination or were her nipples erect too?

‘I bet that outfit would look even sexier on you’ he cooed; his dulcet tones seducing me further.
‘Mmm’ was all I could manage to respond as I struggled to stop myself growling with desire.
‘Let’s go and try it on’ he said taking my hand and led me inside the store.

I watched as he rummaged through the bras and pulled out my exact size. Damn he’s good, or did I tell him? I pondered.
He led me to the changing room and sat with the other waiting men. Just as I was admiring the way my breasts felt in this sexy bra, his voice whispered through the curtains.

‘Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve got a raging boner imagining what you look like in that sexy bra’
‘Come in and have a look’
‘Do you mind?’

I pulled the curtain back and adopted my best catwalk pose, allowing him to admire the hot pink lacy bra in all its glory. He attempted to reach out and touch but suddenly pulled back as if remembering where he was. Noticing the empty cubicle opposite mine, he took a few steps back and sat on the empty seat behind him.

‘Turn around slowly please’ he mumbled.

I did so, using my best erotic dancer moves; maintaining eye contact as much as possible. His breathing increased as I stroked the outline of my body, up and down in slow seductive movements. He rested his head back against the mirror and thrust his groin upwards to show me the huge bulge in his trousers.

Damn that Choc Dick is yearning to escape I thought.

Absentmindedly he stroked his bulge through his trousers, whilst watching me stroke the outline of my breasts and staring deep into his eyes.

‘I better go back outside’ he said suddenly, ‘or would you rather I stay here?’

I walked across to him and straddled him; taking his head gently in my hands I kissed him tenderly.
‘Yeah wait outside’ I replied and kissed him again.

I got up slowly but stopped so my ample cleavage was level with his huge brown eyes. I leaned forward to allow him to inhale my scent and nuzzle me briefly.

‘Now go!’ I said abruptly and closed the curtains on my own cubicle.
We left the store in a hurry and headed towards the car park; I ignored the La Senza gift bag he was blatantly carrying yet tried to hide.

‘What floor are you on?’ he asked breathlessly.
‘Let’s go to my car then, I’m on this floor’ he said pulling me in the direction of his car.

Any minute now and the alarm bells will start ringing I thought, but they didn’t; not a sound. The sound of doors being opened remotely suddenly echoed throughout the packed yet empty car park. He sensed my sudden tension, smiled and motioned towards the gleaming black vehicle he just unlocked.

‘It’s ok, that’s me’ he said pointing at the vehicle.

I relaxed instantly as he opened the door to my dream shag wagon; a spanking brand new Range Rover sport, top of the range with all the trimmings and tinted windows throughout. I creamed myself the minute he opened the door for me; I was wet and ready to be used there and then. I couldn’t even hold it down and be the coy, shy and retiring person I usually am.

‘Your car has made me cream my knickers’ I told him unabashed.
‘Well your little display earlier has given me a painful erection’ he replied.

We kissed, climbed over to the back seat and scrambled to get naked from the waist down. We got down to boxers and a shirt; thong and a blouse, our uniform we joked and then, he started to talk.

‘I’ve been thinking about this moment for a very long time Ms Nipples; I’ve wanked countless times looking at your profile pic, you really are one seriously hot chick’
Why the sudden need to talk? Did he not realise I was soaking wet and in need of absorbing; my moisture needed reducing and he was busy rambling!

‘Mr Dick, thank you for your kind words; now can we finish what we started please?’
‘Sure, but I….’

I silenced him with a kiss and straddled him once more. My tongue explored his mouth as I kissed him with a hungered passion. He held on to my arse and roughly squeezed each cheek as if comparing them. He encouraged me to rock back and forth on his “painful” erection; dry humping him through our underwear.
What the fuck! Couldn’t Mr Dick feel the heat burning through his boxers? Couldn’t he feel the wetness seeping through?

‘Wow you’re kinda hot down there’ he whispered.

Fuck me I’m surprised he noticed!

‘I’d really like to taste you if you don’t mind’
‘Be my guest’
I wouldn’t normally let a man suck on our first ‘fuck’ but my fire was burning out of control, my flames definitely needed dousing!

I laid back on the soft leather seat, spread my legs and watched as he kissed and stroked my thighs. He slipped a finger under my thong and gently probed my hole. I relaxed and rocked with his movements, needing that finger deeper, needing two fingers, three perhaps… He replaced his finger with his tongue and licked away at my hole. His ice cream licking technique was seriously doing it for me; talk about open the flood barrier, or am I just a horny bitch?

I spread my legs wider, willing him to take the hint and sink his succulent yet active tongue into my sodden pussy. But oh no Mr Dick was intent on licking me like vanilla ice cream. I mean come on man, we talked about this; I went into detail of how I liked to be sucked. Told him what works, what didn’t and yet here he was licking me like the ice cream I wasn’t. Fuck this for a laugh!
I stroked his head and gently guided him up a notch. He took the hint, spread my lips and fucked me with two fingers; hard and fast, fast and hard just how I liked it. The erotic sounds of my wet pussy squelching added even more fuel to my fire. I wasted no time in telling him how much I was enjoying the pleasure he was giving me; I wasted no time telling him how hard I was about to cum, wasted no time telling…

Oh fuck I was at boiling point, the pressure had mounted and any minute now I was going to explode. Yeah, any minute now…. What the fuck!
Mr Choc Dick had stopped licking, sucking and finger fucking my hole and was gently stroking my erect clit, sending my orgasm straight back to where it came from. Not impressed! Well I wasn’t until he resumed his ice cream licking technique with two fingers pressing firmly on my ultra sensitive swollen clit.

Shit, fuck, cunt, bollocks! I think those words briefly summed up what was about to happen next.

Choc Dick’s tongue and fingers developed a speed twice as fast as the third setting on my rampant rabbit. Such skill, such power, such oh my f-f…
With an awkwardly arched back, my legs locked around his back, thighs and hands holding his head in place to ensure maximum suffocation, the inevitable happened. I had the mother of all orgasms; I came, I gushed and I squirted. I’ve never squirted before EVER but Mr Choc Dick’s unique technique ensured I had the first of many squirting experiences.

Half way through my squirtathon, Choc Dick spun me over, helped me up on all fours, wrapped up and eased his fat chocolate dick inside me ever so slowly.
Fuck me, such girth; such length, such pleasurable pain as this huge chocolate dick consumed and pounded my still quivering pussy. My attempts to regain control were futile so I did what any coy and retiring person would do in this situation. I held onto the headrest for additional support and bucked back to meet his never ending thrusts.

We fucked hard, we fucked fast; we fucked hard and we fucked slowly. He spanked my arse and told me how much he loved the way my tight hole squeezed his chocolate dick. He spanked my arse and told me how hard he was going to cum over my round arse. He leaned forward, kissed my neck and reached around to squeeze my breasts. That did it, orgasm number 4 was on its way but I didn’t want to go alone; Mr Dick was going to have cum with me this time! I clenched my pussy walls as tightly as I could bear it and reached underneath to squeeze his crown jewels.

‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck’ he growled ‘Ms Nipples, oh yeah, shit… I can feel you c-c…’

I didn’t quite hear what he said after that because as I squirted yet again, he pulled out and came all over my arse; and boy did he cum. Mr Dick came for what felt like ever; he growled and wanked as he came, completely covering my arse.

He shivered as if somebody just walked over his grave; he took deep breaths and reached behind him for the packet of wipes. How convenient! We cleaned, we kissed, we talked; he drove to the 5th floor and parked next to my car.

‘That was beautiful Ms Nipples’ he whispered kissing me once more.
‘Absolutely beautiful’ I agreed responding to his kiss.
‘It was so beautiful that I’d like to repeat the performance, but in a much more comfortable and romantic setting’
I nodded my agreement, kissed him once more and promised to ring him ‘soon’. Back at the office, I cleared all outstanding work in record time much to the approval of my PA.
‘What’s up with you today? One minute you’re fidgeting and restless and the next thing, you’re all focused and efficient’ she questioned.
‘Aahh you know me Sharon, it’s just one of those days!’


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