Love By Text (another excerpt)


Love By Text (another excerpt)

I arranged to come and meet you at the airport; you were flying down from Glasgow. I waited anxiously in the arrival area. Anxious because your flight landed twenty minutes ago and I was this much closer to seeing you for the first time.

I stood on tip toes as the doors opened and the first wave of passengers came out. I looked at the picture of you in my phone and compared it to the faces of every brown haired male that came through the door. I thought I spotted you and held up the card with your name on it like we discussed. It wasn’t you. An older man with white hair approached me and on studying the name on the card he apologised and carried on walking.
Our eyes met as the doors opened again, instantly I knew it was you but still held my card for you to see it.

‘Mr. Bond?’ I asked as you stood in front of me.
‘Money Penny’ you replied with a huge grin.

We shook hands and both felt the bolt of electricity that rushed through us. You shifted uncomfortably and beckoned your eyes down to your crutch, where already your cock was beginning to harden. We quickened our step towards the lift that would take us up to the car park. Unfortunately we were not the only ones in the lift and had to refrain from playing tonsil tennis. We stood close together while the lift ascended at a painfully slow pace. I felt the heat from your body as you casually slipped your arm around me and pulled me in even closer. We got out on our floor and I directed you to my vehicle parked in the far corner, where it was much quieter and with less people milling around. I opened the boot to my X3 and bent over slightly so my skirt rose to reveal my smooth legs. You glanced around to make sure nobody was nearby and then you put your hand up my skirt searching for my arse. You let out a loud groan as you found what you were looking for and squeezed it hard at the realisation that I was underwear free.

‘Oh Money Penny, thank you’ you said.
‘You are most welcome. But I am just obeying orders Mr Bond; you requested a knee length skirt and no underwear’ I replied.

You kissed my neck and nibbled my ears before bending me over to expose even more of my bare legs. You dropped to your knees and begun to kiss the back of my thighs, parting my legs slightly with your hands to allow my love juice to run freely down my legs. Your tongue circled my pussy from behind, whilst rubbing the tip of your nose around my bum hole.

‘Mr. Bond, I think we should start the mission straight away’ I said as I gasped at your tongue’s probing.

You got back on your feet to release your cock from the confines of your trousers and thrust it into me without warning. I screamed at the unexpected yet welcome intrusion and then looked around to make sure nobody heard me.
‘Please try not to bring attention us Money Penny’ you said in between thrusts.

I held onto the bumper of my car as you pounded my pussy from behind harder and faster; you reached around to grab a hold of my tits.

‘This is it Mr. Bond’ I said.

‘Let’s go together, but quietly’ you replied.

Our bodies joined together from the waist down, frantically pumping whilst stifling the sounds that were yearning to escape.

‘Hmmmmm’ we chorused as the last drops of our combined passion juices left our bodies.

We stood for a few seconds longer; finally moving when we are disturbed by the footsteps of other travellers returning to their vehicles.

‘Mission accomplished Money Penny’ you said as you adjusted my skirt and fixed your clothes.

‘Certainly Mr Bond, I’ll take you to your hotel where we will await instructions for our next mission. Oh and Mr Bond, welcome to London’ I replied.


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