Festive Fantasy..!


Festive Fantasy..!

You’re standing there in your sexy Santa outfit; standing there and staring at me with your hands on your hips. You look so sexy Ms Santa, very sexy indeed in your lacy hold up stockings as they peek at me every time you take a step or shift position.

Those sexy stilettos add to your sexiness and make me want you even more. Your sweet and sexy smile causes me to melt; those sweet and sparkling ‘come fuck me’ brown eyes of yours make my cock stiffen with every flutter.

I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate in your presence and as for that sexy Santa outfit…. it’s twice as difficult!

I like the way you look at me, I like the way you smile at me, I like the way you turn to jelly the minute I smile back at you.

I like the way you run your tongue over your teeth and lick your lips; effortless sex appeal oozes from your every pore, pores I want to get inside and ooze from too.

Seduce me Ms Santa, own me Ms Santa, fuck me Ms Santa; hard!!

I’m horny as fuck for you and I want your sexy mouth around my cock, whilst my tongue is in your pussy playing with your swollen clitoris. Let us give each other a festive oral treat; mutual oral pleasuring.

Cum for me Ms Santa, gush and squirt that sweet festive nectar into my open and receptive mouth. I like the way you taste; I like quenching my thirst with your love juice.

Oh fuck yeah, Ms Santa; that scent of yours fuels my fire as your erotic tongue flicks and glides effortlessly over my rigid cock.

Your tongue over my balls, my balls in your mouth; that sensation is all too much as the pressure mounts and before I know it……

“Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh….oh fucking hell, f f fuck, yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh; fuck me, Ms Santa”

My load beautifully shot all over your silky smooth chocolate breasts and running down and over your erect nipples. What a beautiful picture!!

I know Ms Santa, you need to cum too.

You’re so wet, you taste so good; the scent of your sweet sex consumes me as your own pressure builds. Your hands reach out to grab me; your nails find their way under the skin of my shoulders, digging deeper as you approach orgasm.

You’re now writhing and moaning, almost out of control; you’re speaking in tongues, calling my name and cursing as your blood reaches boiling point, not long now!

You grab my ears, pulling me in deeper and suffocating me with your festive sex; your beautiful and clean shaved festive sex. Your nails are now boring their way through another layer of my skin; your legs start to close around me, holding me in place for the earth shattering rollercoaster orgasm that’s about to consume you; consume us.

That’s it Ms Santa, don’t hold back baby; go with it and ride the wave of that almighty orgasm. I know it’s going to be a big one, I can feel it in my neck; those thighs are firmly locked.

The nails…

Here it comes… better brace myself; it’s going to be a big one.

“Ohhhhh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, f f f fuck king hell……”

Your cursing only makes me want to suck harder!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me, oooohhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss; aaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh”

Oh yeah, scream my name Ms Santa.

“Huh, huh, oooohhhhh mmyyyyyy fuuuccccccckkkkkk!”

Sexy Ms Santa has just squirted her sweet festive nectar; I’m lapping it up as she keeps on cumin; gushing, whimpering, shaking. Totally spent and all sexed out; for now.

I’ll give her 5 minutes before I make some seriously sweet and festive love to my sexy Ms Santa.


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