Final Fling


Final Fling

The pre commitment bash was in full swing; there were people everywhere. I didn’t realise we knew so many people between us. I looked around the hall observing our guests chatting, drinking and dancing. Monique was standing near the bar with her “girls” they were smiling and making eyes with Colin and his “boys” I could tell it wouldn’t be long before something went down, there was too much lust in the air. Not that it was that type of party; in fact it wasn’t really supposed to be a party at all. It was the night before my wedding to the beautiful Sonia; we were getting married in some swanky hotel in Cambridge that my mate Stella had connections with and so we got it at “mates rates”. Anyway, the majority of our guests were staying over in the same hotel and after dinner we all ended up liming in the bar. The bar manager doubled as a DJ and had a wicked selection of music that catered for everybody; even the secret punks had their time! So the after dinner lime turned into the pre commitment bash.

Sonia was looking a little worse for wear; usually after two glasses of wine she was anybody’s and by now she was drinking straight from the bottle. She was flirting with Matthew big time and showing him her ample cleavage. Every so often she would look over and wink at me for effect. Matthew would look over and smile at me apologetically; I shrugged in a non committal type of way.

‘I better get her to bed before she makes a fool of herself’ said her sister Debbie appearing from nowhere. ‘We do want her to get married after all’
‘Leave her, let her enjoy herself Debbie, I’ll still marry her’ I replied with a smile.
‘Yeah but if I leave her any longer she might do something she may regret in the morning’
I smiled to myself.
‘Really, something like what?’
‘Do something or rather someone like Matthew; I can’t be dealing with any drama tomorrow if she does, so its best I just take her up now’
‘Stop worrying Debbie, Sonia is having fun; see how happy she looks’
‘Yeah I know but….’

We were interrupted by the sound of glass breaking. Sonia had stumbled against a table sending a couple of glasses crashing to the floor.
‘That’s it, come on you it’s time for bed’ Debbie ordered as she marched towards Sonia.

A reluctant Sonia thanked everybody as she left the bar being guided by a stern Debbie. Debbie looked around the bar before she left; she frowned at Matthew and smiled apologetically at me. I smiled back reassuringly.
I stayed another ten minutes before making my way back to my room. I took a scenic route, using a different staircase; I admired the decor of this hotel that my mate Stella from back in the day refurbished. She really was a talented little beauty and we were both gutted she couldn’t share my special day with me.

After a few more minutes wandering around various corridors, taking in the decor and reminiscing about Stella, I finally get to my room. I checked the time, stripped and headed straight for the shower. As the water cascaded and refreshed me, I thought about that Nubian Goddess in the room a few doors down; my cock instantly hardened. I lathered up using Imperial’s finest, and thought about my Nubian Goddess in her naked glory. My cock twitched, desperate for her touch. I was tempted to reach down and have a little play, but I wanted to save myself for her; save myself for her golden touch, that same golden touch that makes me instantly weak. That same golden and hypnotic touch that has me under her spell and willing to do anything for, with and to her.

Absentmindedly I reached down and felt my manhood. Absentmindedly I started to stroke, visualising her beautiful features as she casts her spell on me. I stopped suddenly.

‘Got to try and restrain myself’ I say out loud ‘it won’t be long before she is in my arms giving me the sweet loving that only she can deliver’

I showered quickly, brushed my teeth and walked around naked whilst my body air dries. I looked at the clock again and reached for the brandy. As I was about to pour there was a gentle knock at the door. I checked the clock for the final time and hurriedly made my way to the door. It was one in the morning; she left her room wearing only her dressing gown, manoeuvred her way along the corridor to come and see me as planned. We planned it for this time to ensure there would be no more interruptions; we planned it for this time to coincide with the anniversary of our first time together.

I invited her in and offered her a drink as I did all those years ago. I acted out the scenario exactly how it happened all those years ago, well three years ago to be exact. She went along with the charade and slipped into character quite easily; such a turn on.

She sipped her Brandy and closed her eyes as the warm liquid made its way down her throat and warmed her instantly. She smiled when she realised I was watching her; she stood up and pulled me up too.

‘Let’s dance’ she whispered.

‘Let me put some music on’ I whispered back.

The warmth of her Brandy breath caressed my cheek as she spoke softly.

‘We don’t need music, our bodies are one and we have our very own special song’ she whispered again.

She held me close as we slow danced to our very own special song that was playing in our heads. It was the song we first danced to together all those years ago, well three years ago to be exact. If we were out raving without each together and that song was played, we didn’t dance with another; that song was reserved for us and only us. It was an unspoken rule! Before the song ended, she held my face and kissed me gently. I melted instantly and my cock hardened.

We stood by the bed as her robe fell to the ground revealing her naked glory. I held her and kissed her with a fiery love and passion; she kissed me back equally, with as much love and passion.   I encouraged my Nubian Goddess to lie down on the bed and kissed every inch of her naked glory. We made love as silently as possible; a far cry from the usual fiery sex we have. Everything about this session was about recreating our first time together and it was so beautiful, I almost cried…again! We made love quietly knowing my brothers in law were in rooms on either side. Forbidden fruit always tastes good.

The excitement was a killer as we chose to gag each other in a vain attempt to keep quiet whilst we rolled and rolled again, recreating that first night as if it were our last. My Nubian Goddess came hard and screamed my name through her gag as she came; this fuelled my fire and I upped the ante. The passion flowed as we enjoyed each other’s company; our fucking became frantic, hard, fast and furious. I tried to take my gag off to kiss her beautiful lips; she stopped me and encouraged me to fuck her even harder.

We fell off the bed and broke the lamp in the process. We both froze for what felt like an eternity as we waited to hear if anybody knocked on the door because of the racket we made. They didn’t, so we carried on. Her hot juicy pussy dripped its warm juices all over my cock and contracted slowly. My cock throbbed with each of her contractions and I resumed thrusting my cock inside her; slowly and quietly, on the floor, until we were both certain that we were in the clear.
We worked our way back on the bed and I treated her to the pillow position; it was quite amusing really, she flipped her body right into position the second I grasped the pillow. Her face beamed with excitement when she realised what she were in for. We made love in this position for a while, cumming a number of times between us. We lay there spooning, both soaked in our juices until the alarm went off at four am!

I held her tight as we kissed a kiss of love. A kiss so tender, lingering, emotional and passionate; a single tear fell from my eye as I thought about how happy I was to know her; how lucky I was to love her and have her in my life and on my mind. She got up, put her robe on, kissed me tenderly and left the room.

I switched the lights back on to make my way to the bathroom and fell into a state of shock! The room was in a right state, how the fuck was I going to explain the mess?
There was bedding everywhere, the broken lamp was on the floor and the scent of my Nubian Goddess lingered in the air. I walked around the room whilst thinking what to do first; I couldn’t decide whether to pick up the lamp pieces, make the bed or try and disguise her scent. My phone bleeped signalling a message from my Nubian Goddess and interrupted my thoughts; I sat down to read it. It read:

Darling Josh

Thank you for a lovely couple of hours; I hope they were as special for you as they were for me. See you in the Chapel lover

Monique xx

I replied

Darling Monique

It was exceptional as always; I really wish it was you I was marrying and not Sonia. Please say yes….

Joshua xx


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