New Teaser Alert: On the Road – Part 2!


Good Evening, Beautiful People

Hope all is well on this very cold Monday night.

The drop in temperature feels very sudden, but my new Teaser “On the Road – Part 2” should hopefully heat things up and keep you very warm!

In On The Road, Monique found herself in a now or never situation with a real cutie that didn’t look like a now or never type of guy.  They were both very much caught up in the moment and the promise of things to come was there for the taking.  She didn’t want to run the risk of scary him off with her freaky behaviour but couldn’t decide whether to play it cool and wait for him to make the first move, or to just go for it!

Read On the Road – Part 2 to find out what Monique did about her dilemma.

Did she or didn’t she…?

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Love Meg x


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