Tend To My Needs


Tend To My Needs

I want some attention that only a woman of my calibre deserves; I’d like you to administer a sensuous massage, stroking and caressing my toned sexy body in all the right places.

Tease me with those nimble fingers of yours, as you apply pressure in all the right places. You know baby, the sort of places that make me wet instantly…

I then want you to slowly kiss and caress my lips, my neck, my breasts and my nipples; work your way down to my wet pussy and then lick between my pussy lips too!

Massage my clit with your tongue; nibble at my bud with your teeth and lips, gently and slowly to make me groan and pant. Linger in this position, making me wetter and hotter for you and then without warning, thrust your tongue deep into my pussy and listen out for that inevitable gasp of breath I’ll take as I respond to the change in pleasure.

Oh yeah baby that’s what I want, for you to keep fucking me like that with your tongue whilst your sexy fingers find my arse and tease my hole. The pleasure from your tongue and fingers will drive me wild and make my cunt even wetter than we think possible.

Such intense licking and fingering really needs to be followed up with some more clitoris stimulation to fuel the powerful orgasm that has been building up inside me for the last few days.

As you work your magic on my clit, I’ll lock my legs around your neck to allow you to finger fuck my arse as you suck on my swollen clit. And as my body prepares for the impending explosion, I’ll squeeze your neck tighter with my legs, arch my back, hold onto your head and force you deeper into my hot wet cunt.

I’ll pant, scream and dig my nails into your head, your neck and your shoulders whilst my body goes into spasm overdrive as I cum very hard and fast, repeatedly.

Powerful and multiple orgasms that only you can help me achieve with your fantastic tongue, lips, teeth and nimble fingers!

So my love, do you think you can manage that?


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