Your deep voice drives me wild, your soft lips make me melt, and your firm body leaves me weak for days.

I made myself comfortable on your sumptuous recliner and could feel the sleep threatening to consume me. I tried really hard to concentrate on what you were saying; I even tried to sit up and look at you but failed. I was far too relaxed and so I slumped back into the recliner and closed my eyes. The idle chit chat lasted for as long as it took me to finish my skinny latte and blueberry muffin; I missed lunch again!

‘Finished your drink?’ you asked softly.

Damn that voice.

‘Yeah babe, long time’ I replied with a yawn.

‘How dare you come visit me, stretch out in my chair and fall asleep’ you said.

‘Sorry but I’m so comfortable and relaxed and…’You silenced me with a kiss, whilst squeezing your body next to mine on the sumptuous recliner. Your soft full lips pecked at mine gently and as always I melted instantly. You pecked my top lip first and then my bottom lip. You planted gentle kisses all over my face; lingering every time I gasped. Your tender lips sent shivers down my spine, my miniscule knickers were already soaked and I couldn’t help but moan softly with every peck. You moved from my face to my neck, to my collar bone and then to my ears; what is it with you and my ears? You sucked and nibbled my ear lobe before licking my entire ear inside and out; tongue fucking my ear as if your life depended on it.

Mmm this is different I thought.

Ok, so the persistent tongue fucking wasn’t really doing it for me even though I tried in vain to relax and go with the flow. However, my futile attempts at pulling away only seemed to add to your persistence as you continued to administer this bizarre activity. I finally managed to turn my face to yours and puckered up to feel your beautiful lips on mine once more. You had other ideas and kissed my chin tenderly and then the tip of my nose.

Wow! That tip of the nose kissing was the business; talk about make a girl pant and become extremely wet. And then you kissed my eyes! Fuck me, double wow!

Eyelids and tip of the nose kissing is definitely an experience I’ve never had before but certainly want to repeat it especially with you. Your lips on any part of my body drive me wild but damn; did I mention the eyelids and tip of the nose?

‘Let’s take this to the bedroom’ we said in unison.

You led the way and were naked within seconds. We kissed some more, lots more and stroked each other. My clothes soon found their rightful place on the floor next to yours whilst you sat on the edge of the bed watching me undress. You bit and slapped my round arse; I pushed you to lie down on the bed and was on top of you in a flash. You know how much I liked to control this part of our sessions. I kissed you almost as you kissed me, lingering on the juicier parts of your body and biting you in certain places too but you don’t like to be bitten as you reminded me.

I sat up and massaged your cock, whilst stroking your nipples with my other hand. I then lowered my head to kiss your succulent cock; ever so softly whilst listening to you moan and mumble. I sucked, licked and massaged, and you moaned and mumbled repeatedly. I adjusted my technique so I could take more of your succulent cock with every movement. Your hand squeezed my shoulder as I tightened my lips around your cock.

I turned to look at you, holding your gaze as my head bobbed up and down on your juicy cock. We smiled at each other and our eyes sparkled simultaneously; you couldn’t hold my gaze any longer, the pleasure from my tongue caused your eyes to roll back. Wow, such a beautiful sight.

You let out a deep and soulful moan that added to my own excitement; I could feel a puddle coming on.

I released your cock and attempted to climb on top of you, but you had other ideas. You encouraged me to lie on my back and climbed on top of me, spreading my legs wide. You smiled at my agility and entered me slowly.

Wow, what a rush!

The content sigh and moans that followed was a sure sign of the bond between us. You fucked me slow, no let me correct that; you made love to me slow and sensually, gazing in to my eyes as your cock reacquainted itself with my sodden pussy. I held your gaze and smiled whilst rocking back and forth into your gentle thrusts. We breathed deeply, together as one, eyes still locked. You put both of my legs on your shoulders and picked up the pace somewhat. Our breathing quickened and my thrusts increased to match yours. You started to talk dirty to me, mumbling how hard you were going to fuck me, how much you liked my wet pussy and how hard you were going to cum inside me. We changed positions; I was up and on all fours awaiting your cock, you murmured your appreciation but wanted me lower. You pulled me closer to the edge of the bed, encouraged me to lie lower with my arse in the air and then plunged your cock deep inside.

I exhaled as my pussy accommodated your cock, exhaled as the euphoria completely took over. You fucked me hard, slapped my arse and told me how much you wanted my pussy. I squeezed your cock with every thrust and before I knew what was happening, you pulled out and came all over my arse. You stood there trembling slightly, your limp cock dripping and your body glistened with that post coital glow. I stretched out on the bed and encouraged you to join me. We lay there naked, side by side not saying a word; enjoying the aftermath of our passion.

It was soon time for me to go. We kissed, I went to clean up, made a couple of calls and left you alone; that was four days ago.

I can still feel your semi naked body on mine. I can still feel your succulent lips on my nipples. I love the way your eyes roll back as you suckle on my nipples. I love the way your slender hands gently stroke my breasts. I love the feel of your tongue and teeth caressing my nipples and my breasts. I love the way everything you do to me sends a million shivers all over my body.

Your deep voice drives me wild, your soft lips make me melt, and your firm body leaves me weak for days.


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