Sexy Sky


Sexy Sky

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked and fresh from the shower; I was air drying whilst waiting for the sun to come up. I stared intently at the sky, absorbing the amber and grey/blue colours.

My mind wandered as I reflected on the past few days. I thought about you and true to form, you made contact. We talked, laughed and reminisced; promising to meet up soon.

I looked up at the sky, and it was less amber and more of a creamy/beige colour by now; the grey/blue was violet looking. I was mesmerised, totally lost as I got my morning sky fix and imagined what it would be like to roll around with the clouds.

As I rubbed the cocoa butter into my skin, I thought about the day ahead and was once again distracted; that time however, it was from the persistent red light flashing from my phone. Could it be a text, an email or a BB message? I tried to ignore it and continued making myself shiny by absentmindedly applying more of the thick and greasy stuff, into my skin.

I looked up and noticed the sky was brightening slowly; it had turned to a shade of pink and violet. So out came the phone and I took a handful of pictures to add to my ‘sky’ collection. The little red light was still flashing, taunting me, and daring me to read the message. I succumbed; the power of the flashing red light was too much. I hung my head to look at the type of message; it was a text. Before I opened it, I knew who it was from.

Could I be bothered to read the foolishness this person was likely to say that morning? Did I really want the text to ruin my morning sky fix? I read it and smiled, it weren’t that bad so I responded and then indulged in a little text play for five minutes or so. And then came the phone calls; I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t entertain those ‘types’ of phone calls before a certain time. But the thought of that sexy voice weakened my resolve instantly.

Mmm that voice.

I was wet within seconds of our banter and put my hand to work immediately. I may as well whack one out before I go to work. I mention how wet I am and what I hoped to achieve in the next ten minutes or so. Of course the caller accepted the challenge and issued some instructions. I made myself comfortable and fully embraced the role of Submissive Sasha. I touched here, there and everywhere. I squeezed, pinched, pulled, scratched and stroked as instructed. I was on fire, on the brink; I needed to release but wasn’t allowed to, well not yet anyway.

Hang on a little longer the caller instructed.

I tell you man I was climbing the fucking walls by now and was tempted to just disobey further instructions and do what I had to do. I held back though, that sexy voice was pushing all the right buttons and in the correct order too!

The caller didn’t disappoint; I exploded with an almighty tribal scream. My orgasm was powerful, so powerful that my body continued to shake long after I stopped cumming. I rarely cum that hard through masturbation but being on the receiving end of phone sex with Mr Deep Voice, always does the job!

Mmm that voice!


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