Garden Man


Garden Man

So there I am sitting out on the verandah (or porch as I’ve just been corrected) overdosing on some much-needed vitamin D and minding my own business. As I stand up to stretch my legs and admire my surroundings yet again, I notice a young man in the garden a few houses down standing by a tree; nothing wrong with that really, right?

I wonder what he is up to I think as he casually glances in my direction; it looks like he’s having a wee I then say out loud to myself. He looks over at me again with his hand on what looks to be his zip and takes a few steps back from the tree. Again I ponder on what he could be doing down there and does he know I’m standing here watching him. As I focus in on him I come to the conclusion that he his either taking a piss or flashing me, as he is now clearly fondling himself whilst looking over at me. He is however, several feet away and slightly shielded by the bushes so it is a little difficult to be certain of his activity.

He is now staring at me or in my direction and standing a little further back from the tree with his dick in his hand. His bladder must be really full or he’s having a wank I say out loud and that’s when I realise that he is indeed having a wank in the hot sunshine to an unsuspecting audience…me. Finding this somewhat amusing as I do, I call out to my twin: “Oh my days there’s a man down there having a wank, he is proper wanking and looking at me”.

My twin takes a little look, mutters something unpleasant under her breath whilst returning back indoors and orders me to follow. As if, I’m waiting to see the end result if there is one!

So I’m now in shock that this man who is a good few houses below, is standing in his garden by a tree and clearly masturbating; every few strokes he takes a step back as if to give me a better view. Now, for all the time that he’s at it, I’m standing there watching and wondering if this show is for me or for somebody else and seeing as he is the only one in his garden as well as blatantly staring at me, I think I am safe to say that his little performance was indeed, for me!

Should I feel honoured, disgusted, amused or all three?

For those that know me really well, will know that I was most certainly amused by this spontaneous indecent activity and found me a suitable spot to watch and enjoy the rest of the show. Garden Man too, appeared to appreciate his audience as he repositioned himself in a way to give me a full and proper view of what could be a fairly impressive tool, as he continued to masturbate.

After a few minutes however, I grew bored of the show and started pottering around in an attempt to get ready to go out. However, I made sure I checked in on Garden Man’s progress every so often, more so to see if he was still at it and guess what…he was!

Showered, dressed and waiting for the others I’ve gone back outside and noticed that Garden Man is wiping his brow with a towel and also appears to be cleaning his tool with some tissue; drat I missed the ending!!

But upon noticing my return, Garden Man starts his routine all over again, just for me. And now I do feel honoured lol!

We had a couple of visitors during the next fifteen minutes or so of Garden Man’s second performance and I laughed as he ducked every time one of them walked in or out of the house. After about half an hour of ducking and masturbating, Garden Man must have given up, as I didn’t see him again; I wonder if he will repeat his performance for me tomorrow…?


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