Master Bates


Master Bates

My dearest sweetest Ghetto Mistress,

I implore you to forgive the wicked erotic musings of my vile tortured self. I am repeatedly visited by a demon bringing visions of your goodly self in a state of immodest nakedness begging me to join with you in a series of the most depraved acts that only the most wanton mind could imagine.

These visions are accompanied by a stirring of my manhood to which my hand is irresistibly drawn to stroke in the most unnatural manner while I cry out in shame until the most horrific climax and I am released from my torment with a tremor of pain and the demon leaves its mark of the visit as sticky slime on my stomach and chest.

I fear that only your angelic self can put a stop this shameful event. To this end I invite you to spend time at my Sheffield estate at your earliest convenience but preferably before the end of the month, as I have no business to conduct between now and then!

I’ve listened to your voice messages repeatedly; your dulcet tones send the blood rushing straight to my cock. I visualise your beautiful soft lips sounding out every syllable as you speak. I wish my tongue were resting between those lips, feeling the vibrations with every word; my cock is very stiff at the thought.

Fucking Hell Mistress, you make me so hard!

I’d love for you to be here to see this; I can picture you now with one hand between your legs, the other squeezing your full breasts and your fingers playing with your delectable hard chocolate nipples. My pre cum is now there for your beautiful soft lips and tongue; my glans beautifully full and shining purple as I get ready to spurt my pleasure on any part of your wonderful body that you choose.

My illicit thoughts can be actioned if you were here beautifully naked and wanting to be pleasured; I have an image of you straddling my face and writhing ecstatically. If you were here to aid me surely you would prevent the depraved act I am in the middle of performing. I am laid naked, my solid manhood grasped tightly and thrashed manically whilst my sick mind has you attired in the most whorish red Basque, taking my stiff cock to your lips and then pushing your hot and wet tasty sweet cunt onto my needful lips and tongue.

Oh dear Mistress, this foul deed is now over and I hope you can sometime administer a suitable punishment; I deserve a sound thrashing for such imaginings!

Loads of lust

Your obedient servant Master Bates


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