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Drive Me Crazy


Drive Me Crazy

She was on her way home from dinner and drinks with some friends in the West End.

Perfect timing she thought as she arrived at the bus stop at the same time as her bus.

Smile in place, she swiped her Oyster card and took her seat at the back of the bus. Earphones in place, she switched play lists and buried her head in her book and tried very hard to focus on that chapter. She looked up and caught his eye in the rear view mirror; he blew her a kiss, she blushed and smiled. She’d caught his bus every day the previous week and was surprised to see him today considering it was quite late. The very packed bus soon became empty as the passengers got off one by one at their various stops and before long it was just her and the driver left. She checked her watch and glanced up at the driver who managed to catch her eye again; she showed her appreciation for his driving by smiling at him, he blew her another kiss in response. As the bus neared her stop, she pressed the bell and stood up. He looked up at her disappointed but then on impulse he called her over.

‘Stay and keep me company please’ he said when she approached him.
‘What time do you finished?’
‘Now; this is my last stretch’

She hesitated and shook her head.

‘Why not? Please stay and keep me company, I’ll drop you home after’
‘I’m not sure; I mean, I only know you as the guy that drives the number forty three bus and that’s it. I’ve got my own safety to think of’
‘Come on, you’ve been getting on my bus for over a year now and you’ve seen me at a couple of parties too’
‘But why do you need my company if this is your last stretch?’
‘Because I do; please stay.’
After dwelling on it for a little longer, she relented and gave in.

‘Ok, let me go and sit back down then’
‘No, don’t; stay here so I can talk to you’
‘Alright then, so what do you want to talk about?’
‘Me and you; let’s talk about me and you’
‘There is no me and you and if….’
‘By me and you, I mean you tell me about you and I’ll tell you about me; kind of like sharing information to find out about each other’
‘Ok I’m going first, what is your name Mr Bus Driver?’
‘Trevor, what’s your name?’
‘Such a pretty name Monique, what do you do for a living?’
‘I’m a Primary school teacher. What do you do for fun?’
‘I fantasise about you when you get on my bus’

They talked, laughed and shared various bits of information about each other all the way to the garage. He parked up, switched off the engine and once he completed his paper work he came out of the cab and invited her to sit down at the back of the bus.

‘Don’t you have to sign out or something?’ she asked.
‘Yes but I’m early so thought we could sit and talk for a few minutes more. So tell me Monique why is such a beautiful woman like you single?’
‘Because I split from a long term relationship a few months ago and not ready for a next man just yet; why are you single?’
‘I’ve not met the right woman yet, not that I’m looking and like you I’ve not too long finished in a relationship, so I just want to enjoy being single for a while and have some fun along the way too’
‘Sounds like a good plan, Trevor’
‘So Monique, would you like to have some fun with me?’
‘Boy Trevor, I don’t think so you know because I hardly know you and….’

Trevor silenced her with a kiss; a kiss so rough and hungry that Monique gave in instantly. His rough hands held her head, massaging her scalp whilst his tongue massaged hers. Monique turned to face him in a vain attempt to get more comfortable. They moved closer to the window where the seat was without an armrest thus allowing them to continue their tonsil tennis in comfort. Monique sat on Trevor’s lap with his very long legs stretched, and she started to unbutton his shirt; he pulled away and stopped her.

‘Are you sure you’re ok to do this Mon?’
‘Not unless you’re backing out on me?’
‘Hell no, I’ve been dreaming about this for a very long time; I just don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you that’s all’
‘Shut up and kiss me’
‘Yes Miss’

Monique and Trevor kissed like they were old lovers; she undid his shirt and kissed and stroked his firm chest as she unbuttoned his trousers. Trevor breathed deeply as Monique’s forcefulness took over and excited him. He gasped as she released his cock and swallowed it whole without warning.

‘Fuck Monique, that feels good baby’

Monique cupped and massaged his balls with one hand whilst wanking his shaft with the other and teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue.
Pure torture Trevor thought; whilst all thoughts were running through Monique’s mind as she pleasured Trevor. The most poignant thought was the mere fact that she was at the back of the bus with the driver giving him a blow job. Monique was sexually adventurous and would do anything anywhere at least once, so giving this cute bus driver a blow job shouldn’t be an issue for her and it wasn’t; well not really. She was however, slightly worried about how he might behave (or react) the next time she got on his bus!
Oh fuck it she thought as she released her suction on his cock and stood up.

‘Have you got any condoms?’ she asked him gently.
‘Yeah, just the one though; in my wallet’
‘One is enough’
She sat back on his lap and kissed him, whilst lowering the top half of her dress. She ordered him to suck her tits and threw her head back in ecstasy as his tongue and teeth worked their magic on her sensitive nipples.

‘Fuck me Trev, that feels too good’

Her deep moans and constant swearing added to Trevor’s excitement and his cock twitched and bounced profusely.

‘Monique I really want to fuck you now, can I please?’
‘Sure, take me from behind though; you’re a big boy in more ways than one and it’ll be easier too’

He smiled as she hiked up her maxi dress and saw that she was completely naked underneath. She watched him as he put the condom on; she kissed him gently and then positioned herself on her knees. Trevor murmured his appreciation, soaking up the vision before him. Her beautiful round arse was begging to be slapped; likewise her glistening pussy was begging to be fucked. He stroked her arse, fingered her pussy and entered her suddenly. Trevor had a seriously powerful cock and was wreaking havoc in Monique’s pussy like he owned it. She screamed as he fucked her hard and fast without compassion, just how she liked to be fucked. Again, her constant swearing and moaning excited him further. Monique bucked back to meet his thrusts and clenched the walls of her pussy too, with every stroke.

‘Oh fucking hell man, yes man. Oh Monique that feels too good; slow down baby’
‘No; fuck me harder Trevor’

Trevor fucked her harder as instructed while Monique bucked into his thrusts and continued to clench her pussy walls on his powerful cock. A mutual orgasm was brewing between them; Monique could feel it and was sure Trevor could feel it too. Monique’s body was on fire, the fine hairs at the base of her spine stood up whilst the rollercoaster combined with butterflies feeling took over her whole body. Her stomach was doing triple somersaults followed by double back flips; her nipples were tingling out of control but were rock solid; any second now and she was about to explode! Hugely fired up by Monique’s pleasurable sounds, Trevor picked up the pace in preparation for the imminent explosion. Holding on to her rotating hips; he pounded her pussy as she continued to back up into his thrusts. This girl has some energy he thought.

‘Oh fuck Trevor, yes; own my pussy baby’

Trevor and Monique moaned in unison; her pussy walls spasmed and collapsed on his cock sending them both into an orgasmic frenzy. His body shook along with hers, matching her shake for shake and moan for moan. Again they moaned in unison and in relief as the last of their combined orgasm oozed. He slumped against her; bit her neck and shoulders whilst thrusting gently against her still rotating hips.

Damn she is so hot and on fire, I could quite easily go again he thought as he played with her hair and kissed her neck.

Fuck me, this gi-normous bus driver is absolutely banging; I could quite happily come back for seconds she thought as she relaxed into his nuzzles.

Mmm that was very nice. A mutual orgasm; not bad for a first and spontaneous fuck they both thought!

De ting so sweet..!


De ting so sweet..!

It’s Jouvert morning and you’re there with your crew

It’s still quite early, just a little after two.

No paint, no mud, No special outfit for you,

“I’m staying paint free today” you say “if it’s the last thing I do”

You bounce me as you navigate through the crowds,

Saying sorry for bouncing me a little too hard

“Hey that’s ok” I say pinching your bum, catching you off guard

Four becomes five as more of your people arrive

The streets are now heaving; the crowds have come alive

The trucks are finally on the road, vibrating with some heavy bass lines

Men suddenly appear from nowhere, looking ah woman to teef ah whine

De whine so sweet,

People are moving seductively to the beat

Swaying and whining; whining and swaying

Dipping and bending; bending and dipping

Whining and bending; dipping and swaying

”Oh my, that’s my jam”

I say looking around to pull a man

And then our eyes meet from across the busy street

We exchange broad smiles, grinning and showing our teeth

It’s time to bruk out; get on bad with this seductive thumping beat

I buss ah dutty whine on you

Oh lawd de ting so sweet.

I’m in my zone, almost in a trance

With you whining provocatively behind me

I want more than just a dance

I’m known as the wild one, always out to have mad fun

But right now I’m stupidly horny and want you to be the one

“Oh now this is my jam” you say

As you whine and rub against me in a way

That let’s me know, that you feel my trance

And just like me, you want more than just a dance

I assume the six thirty

Whining provocatively to the beat

We’re dancing very dirty

Oh lawd de ting so sweet

You decide to take a risk

And caress my body as we danced

Pulling me up to steal a kiss

On my lips, you took a chance

Your hand finds it’s way, as easily as we sway

Up my floating skirt

Your fingers start to flirt

With my lower lips and clit

And yes, I love every bit

I reach behind, your solid manhood I find

Standing to attention, needing an intervention

I rub him; I stroke him; I really want to hold and taste him

I want him to slip inside and fuck me very hard from behind

As if reading my mind, you fingered my hole and said

“I want to fuck you from behind”

We managed to slip away to a quiet side street

Where we fucked quick, hard and dirty

Oh lawd de ting so sweet!

My wetness surprised you, as you tried to fuck my pussy dry

But fucking me hard and dirty, just made me cum multiple times

And so I milked your cock dry

By making you cum multiple times.

The post multi-orgasm haze starts to creep

Instinctively we kiss and cuddle

We really need a big soft bed, not just to sleep

But fuck and make more puddles

In full post-coital glow we head back to the street

We blend right back in, with a cheeky knowing grin

Knowing we just had a quick and dirty sexual treat.

You blow me a kiss

I blow you one back; smiling, knowing

It was well and worth the risk!

Beach Quickie


Beach Quickie

We’ve just got to the beach and it’s packed full of people, we both like the idea of doing it in public, but this is just not going to work! So we walk a little further along, our feet kicking the sand as we go. We reach a small outcropping of rocks which we walk pass to find a small cove.

We waste no time, my hands are all over you, they settle on your arse and I move my hands round and pull down your shorts. Falling to my knees I pull down your boxers as I go, and your cock springs into my face. My mouth immediately clamps onto it, sucking hungrily with everything I’ve got. My hands pumping your thick shaft; your cock is rock hard, and my short skirt soon finds its way to the ground.
I’m bent over a rock wearing only a bikini top, you are completely naked with your cock standing on end; you then edge your cock into my sopping wet pussy. I immediately begin to moan and push back on to you; you respond by clambering onto the rocks and sinking your cock as far it will go, grinding against my insides as you approach, at this strange angle.

My legs are weak from all of the attention I’m getting; I’m shuddering with what appears to be a continuous climax. The walls of my pussy clenching around your cock, you pull out and explode your hot, white, sticky cum all over my arse cheeks.

You collapse on top of me and we stay like that, breathing deeply whilst huddled over the rocks, in a small cove.

At The Club


At The Club

We planned a girlie night out; just the four of us, just like old times. We even dressed the same; just like old times. Well not exactly the same but similar in style and coordinated in colours. The same rules applied but we decided to raise the stakes seeing as it was the month of love; it was all about the Valentines!

We decided against our usual place; decided to venture further afield, unknown territory as it were. We parked up across the road from the club and sat for a while; we were silent, deep in our own thoughts, anticipating the night ahead. We watched as people went in the club, groups of friends, mixed groups, same sex groups and the odd couple. We smiled as the smokers stood to the side, huddled together and enjoying their mutual fix. Mentally we noted the talent; verbally we selected our potential prizes for the night.

The time had come. We checked our appearance, topped up our lippy, blessed each other and our feet and, got out of the car. With huge smiles in place we approached the club and thanked the bouncers as they complimented us. We were still smiling as they held the door and carried out the obligatory bag search. Finally we were in the club; it was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside, but that’s always the case. We headed to the booth furthest from the bar, smiling at the DJ as he set up his equipment.

‘He’s mine’ Nat said.

‘Well the second bouncer is mine then’ Kym added quickly.

‘That’s cool with me, I’ve got my eye on that one over there’ Jackie said.

All eyes were on me as I surveyed the room, looking for my one.

‘There’s too many to choose from’ I whined.

‘Take your time girlfriend, the night is still young’ Kym soothed and signalled one of the bar staff over.

Jackie placed our order, making sure her ample chest was within his line of vision. She stroked his arm as he wrote down our order and blew him a kiss as he left.

‘Start as you mean to go on’ was her reply to our looks of mock disdain.

The DJ started playing some old school soul; Jackie and Nat stood up to dance. I smiled as Kym flirted heavily with the barman as he placed our drinks on the table. He whispered in her ear, brushing his lips across her cheek; discreetly stroking her arm. Kym smiled broadly and edged a little closer to him. Her body language told him he would get lucky later. He blew her kiss and went back to work.

‘Hey!’ was all she said to my questioning stare.

Drinks in hand, we toasted each other and set to work.

Nat showed the DJ her full appreciation for the music he was playing by putting on a show just for him, well for him and half the men in the place too. Jackie stood in front of the group of Checkers; nicknamed by us because they were blatantly out to check gyal! She smiled broadly at each of them in turn and rocked slowly. Kym and the bar man were locked in visual foreplay, leaving me still looking for my potential prize.

I stood up, stretched and scanned the venue. I joined Nat for a quick dance; did the two step with Jackie before returning to the booth. I chair danced as I sipped my drink and that’s when I saw my prize.

I sat and watched him from across the room; he was at the bar, he didn’t notice me staring at him. I licked my lips hungrily as he nodded his head to the music. Each nod sent a new shiver down my spine and through to every sensitive part of my body.

Fuck he is so hot; I’m going to have to do something about the ever increasing wet patch in my knickers, I thought.

My eyes were fixed on him as he picked up his drinks and made his way to a booth opposite ours. Damn, who is he with?

He looked over at me before he sat down; our eyes locked in an intense staring contest, neither of us blinking. The sparks flicking between and around us was obvious. He smiled before breaking away his stare. I stood up trance like, and made my way to the ladies; I lingered by his booth holding his gaze yet again, and smiling at the couple he was with.

Hmm, maybe there is some hope for me yet.

I made sure each step from then on was slow and deliberate, each cheek rolled as I walked. I wanted him to see how beautiful my arse looked from behind; that way he could use his imagination to see what he would look like standing behind me and fucking me so hard. I turned to look at him before branching off to the left where the ladies were; yep he was staring.

With a subtle wink, I continued on my journey. I slowly counted backwards from ten; very, very slowly.  I got to number five when he joined me.  We continued our staring contest as we stepped into the disabled toilet whilst our hands frantically navigated buttons and zips.  I emerged the victor, freeing his mighty fine form from the confines of his clothes before he even managed to undo my last button.   He stood before me; shirt on the floor, trousers around his ankles, bulging cock poking out the top of his boxers.  I got up on tip toes to kiss those succulent lips of his.

Wow so juicy, so soft!
I kissed his top lip and sucked his bottom lip. I licked his teeth and sucked his tongue. He reciprocated my kisses; kissing me exactly how I kissed him. My wet patch increased as his succulent lips teased mine.

Wow so juicy, so soft!

His lips were far too soft to be kissing mine for any length of time; they needed to be all over my body. As if reading my thoughts, he moved to my neck. I blushed as my involuntary gasp lingered in the air. He spun me around and used his juicy lips to tease the back of my neck, my ears and my spine. His juicy lips travelled the length of my spine, tickling the small of my back; causing more gasps – voluntary this time.

The heat from his kiss was intense on my neck as he gently nibbled. The heat from his hard and semi naked body causing me to throb continuously; his juicy lips pecking my ears making me gasp louder.

Wow so juicy, so soft!

I needed to feel those succulent lips travelling back down my body and up my thighs; they needed to be under my thong and on my throbbing clit.

I turned to face him; looked at his pretty face, staring at me with hunger in his eyes. I kissed his soft lips again, stroking his back with one hand and pulled down the lid of the toilet seat with my other hand before gently nudging him to sit down on it. He sat back and appraised my semi nakedness; reaching up to stroke my erect nipples through my lace cupped bra.

He pulled me closer to him, his eyes level with my stomach; he held on to my arse as he inhaled my perfumed skin, planting gentle kisses over my stomach and working his way lower down. He groaned as the heat from my body reacted on his tongue, his fingers caressing my thighs as they worked their way towards my pussy.

I took a step back and then raised my left leg, putting it on his shoulder. He looked up at me and smiled appreciatively whilst his nimble fingers set to work; massaging my erect clit through my lacy thong. He edged closer replacing his fingers with his nose, teasing my clit whilst inhaling my nectar.

He took my leg off his shoulder and slowly peeled my thong down, planting gently kisses on my thighs as I stepped out of my thong. He stood up and encouraged me to sit on the ledge behind the toilet, whilst he resumed his position straddled over the toilet seat; his face directly level with my wet pussy. His fingers traced the outline of my Brazilian and he smiled at me once more, before raising my legs to his shoulders.

His thumbed pressed against my clit, while his fingers gently stroked my pussy lips apart. My nectar glistening in the sudden light; he looked up at me, grinned and set to work. With my head rested against the back wall, I closed my eyes and let this handsome stranger demonstrate his skills.

He French kissed my pussy as if he were kissing my mouth; sucking away at my pussy lips as if it was my tongue. His own tongue pushing deeper inside me, his fingers holding my lips apart and pressing down on my clit. I writhed and moaned silently; trying in vain to stifle the tribal scream I wanted to let out.

He stopped suddenly and looked up at me, concerned. I looked down at him and managed a weak smile, signalling for him to continue. His juicy lips kissed my pussy and settled on my clit, pulling and nibbling with such passion.

Wow so juicy, so soft!

By now, I was on the edge of the ledge; thrusting my pussy on his tongue, holding his head and forcing him deeper. His tongue made contact with my clit, prodding and licking; his lips sucking and pulling and two of his fingers were deep inside and fucking me.

‘Oh fuck’ I said out loud as I climaxed.

I held on to his head with both hands as my body spasmed for what felt like an eternity as I continued to cum. He groaned into my pulsating pussy, lapping up my nectar until my body and pussy, eventually calmed down. I pulled him towards me and kissed him hard; tasting my sweet nectar on his lips and feeling another immediate rush as my body started to heat up again.

‘I want to fuck you now’ he said or rather demanded.

I jumped down from the ledge and made an attempt to get up on all fours on the toilet. Instead he spun me around to face the door and spread my hands star like whilst he kissed the back of my neck with those succulent lips of his.

Wow so juicy, so soft!

His boxers had come off in one swift motion and his monster cock tapped and prodded against my arse, whilst his lips were still causing damage to my neck and spine.

As if communicating telepathically, we both reached for our pack of condoms and raced to see who could get to them first. He emerged the victor this time. Within seconds his monster cock was wrapped up and making its way to my ready and waiting pussy. My stilettos ensured we were at a compatible height for such activity!

We gasped simultaneously as his monster cock thrust up and in my receptive pussy. His strokes were slow and deliberate as his cock adjusted to the sensation of its new and comfortable surroundings. Our pleasure and content was obvious as we instantly found our mutual rhythm. He cupped my breasts as I circled my hips and bucked against his thrusts; his firm chest pressing against my back heightened my pleasure. His breath was hot against my neck; his moans were getting louder as his body prepared for the imminent explosion. I reached behind me and held onto his arse encouraging him to fuck me harder and faster.

He bit my neck and roughly massaged my clit. The sting from the bite and rough massage of my clit was too much to bear; I came instantly. My inner pussy walls rapidly contracting on his cock. He lifted my right leg and held it behind him as he continued to pummel deeper and harder; I was still cumming, my body in uncontrollable spasm and my pussy still contracting on his cock causing him to cum with an almighty roar. His breathing was quick and uneven, his body still in full spasm as the last of his seed oozed; his jelly legs quivering.

He slumped against me and held me tight whilst trying to restore his breathing to normal. I took deep breaths and encouraged him to do the same until he eventually stopped shaking. I turned to face him and nursed those succulent lips once more; nursed them with my lips and tongue. I was savouring the fullness of his lips, engraving the softness of his lips in my mind until we met again. Reluctantly I pulled away to begin cleaning up. We stood side by side, silently, as we dressed.

‘I don’t make a habit of this sort of thing’ he said.

‘And neither do I’ I replied.

‘I’d like to make it habit with you though’ he said and kissed me again.

Those lips so juicy, so soft!

We exchanged names and numbers, kissed one more time and unlocked the toilet door. As we stepped out of the disabled cubicle, we were greeted to rapturous applause and cheering by a small group who had listened to our pleasure.

He bowed, I curtsied and we both went to rejoin our friends!

Just Being Friendly – Anna (again)


Just Being Friendly – Anna (again)

I soon found the male Oral Suite, established the correct protocol and took my position at the end of the room. The first guy I sucked came within seconds.

I didn’t realise I had it in me I thought.

I had sucked about four cocks within ten minutes, and all four came quite quickly too. I changed my technique slightly with the next guy, to see if he could be the one I gave my pussy to. He lasted longer than the others but still came too quick for my liking!

I’ll get lockjaw at this rate I thought.

I was about to give up and try my luck elsewhere, when this gorgeous Asian looking man walked in and looked around the room. I looked up and made eye contact with him. He blew me a kiss; I smiled and motioned for him to come over. I stood up and looked him up and down. Fuck me he was gorgeous. He kissed me ever so softly on my lips, pecking tenderly, sucking my bottom lip gently; fuck me the softest lips ever. He kissed and pecked whilst looking directly into my eyes as he did so.

‘May I?’ I asked.

‘Be my guest’ he replied.

I dropped to my knees and ran my hands up and down his firm legs, followed by my tongue. I could feel his body relax instantly. He wore a red leather thong that complimented his skin tone. I squeezed his bum with one hand, whilst freeing his cock with the other. He flexed his cock to meet my wet and receptive tongue. I held on to both of his bum cheeks as I teased and rubbed the tip of his cock with my nose. He groaned softly. I extended my tongue to meet his cock and flicked it around the tip. He groaned softly. I held his cock lightly and guided it into my mouth; sucking him slowly so I could explore and enjoy every vein along his rigid shaft. He groaned softly.

I wanked his shaft as slowly as I sucked his cock. He groaned slightly louder this time. I started to massage his balls whilst I sucked his cock, getting into a nice and steady rhythm. His breathing increased and pre cum leaked. He started muttering to himself as I picked up the pace and sucked him faster; wanking him equally as fast. His cock was so juicy and succulent, I could suck him all day; I nibbled the tip of his cock whilst continuing to wank him. He groaned and mumbled even louder, causing one or two others to stop and stare. The louder he groaned the more turned on I became; I decided there and then that he would be the one to have first dibs on my pussy.

He pulled back and came. I just about managed to avoid being sprayed in the face. A small queue had started to form behind him; I was flattered but I really wanted the Asian Prince to be the one to own my pussy. I looked at him expectantly; he kissed me again, equally as tender as before and whispered that he needed time to replenish. He stroked my face, kissed the tip of my nose and promised to be back in half an hour. I sighed and turned my attention back to my small fan club.

I sucked a few more cocks and decided I’d had enough, much to the dismay of my fan club; unfortunately there wasn’t another that was successful in peaking my interest!

I made my way to the gang bang room on the floor below and saw Helen from earlier, being fucked by three men; a cock in each hole. I stood and watched mesmerised and getting more turned on by the second.

‘That was quite a performance’ said a voice from nowhere.

It was him, my Asian Prince. I smiled at him and kissed him softly on his lips.

He kissed me back and touched my pussy.

‘Wow, it feels so hot and juicy’ he said.

He squeezed my pussy gently and somehow managed to slip a finger in. I led him to the room next door and pulled him over to a chair in the corner; I then tried to push him to sit down. Instead, he gently spun me around so I was sitting down. He got on his knees, slowly opened my legs and sucked my pussy through my thong. Fuck I nearly came straight away. He took my thong off and resumed sucking my pussy whilst finger fucking my arse; I was in hysterics as he tortured my clit with his tongue and teeth. I held onto his head, forcing him deeper while I thrust my pussy in his face, fucking his tongue with determination.

Oh man, I’m going to burst again I thought as my body tightened in preparation.

Once again, a small crowd had gathered to watch the show. I screamed louder and locked my legs around his neck tightly as my volcano erupted and my lava flowed. My body shook as my lava continued to spill from my pussy. My Asian Prince drank greedily as I came, he was still finger fucking my arse. He sat back and looked me deep in the eye; his cock rock solid.

‘Can I fuck you now?’ he asked.

‘Be my guest’ I replied as I stood.

Just Being Friendly – Anna


Just Being Friendly – Anna

I must not sleep with this man tonight I thought.

I quickened my pace, dragging him up the gravel path. My heels impacting with the ground was the only sound to be heard. I stopped by a tree and pulled him in for another kiss. He pinned me against the tree, holding my hands above my head and kissed my face and neck.

He lifted up my top and attacked my breasts through my bra.

He freed my breasts, and sucked then bit my nipples hungrily. I moaned in pleasure and reached down for his cock. Derek moved my hand and dropped to his knees. He lifted my skirt, looked up and smiled at the realisation that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He spread my legs and immediately set to work on my sodden pussy. He sucked my clit with such fierce passion, causing me to moan loudly. I ran my fingers through his hair and held onto his head forcing his tongue deeper inside me. He lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder so he could sink his tongue in even deeper.

Derek licked the length of my slit and sucked my clit with a vengeance. My pussy responded by releasing a steady trickle of its lava for him to lap up. I could feel the pressure building up and was nearly at bursting point. Derek slipped a finger up my arse, fucking it as hard as he was fucking my pussy with his tongue. I grabbed Derek’s ears, his head and then his shirt; holding on for dear life as my volcano erupted and my lava gushed into his receptive mouth. My body spasmed for what seemed like a lifetime as my lava continued to gush. I tried to stand but my legs were like jelly. Derek stood up and lifted both my legs around him. I locked them around his waist as he thrust his cock up and in me.

Derek held me tight as he fucked me hard up against the tree; the roughness of the bark, grazed against my back. We got into a steady rhythm while he fucked me hard but slow; his cock pounding my pussy, his tongue circling my nipples. He squeezed my arse and again slipped a finger up there; fucking me with his finger and cock. I nibbled his ears and bit his neck as he pumped harder and pumped faster. I could feel his body tighten, preparing for the imminent explosion; his eyes were shut tight.

‘I can’t… hold back… any lon…’

Derek came hard, so hard I could feel his hot cum travelling through me at break neck speed. His body trembled and he squeezed me tighter. We stood still for a while, my legs wrapped around his waist, my skirt up and around mine. His trousers around his ankles and his bum exposed for all to see; not that there was anyone about. I pushed him away slowly so I could stand up. His legs were still shaking; so I turned him around to lean against the tree. I helped him up with his trousers, kissing him as he did his buckle.