Office Quickie


Office Quickie

The sun was slowly setting, the temperature had dropped slightly. Everybody had gone home including the cleaners. The office was deserted, almost!

The door was shut but not locked; the blinds up and the window open. Music was playing quietly from the PC.

You’re pummelling me from behind, banging the shit out of my pussy. I’m screaming filthy directives at you at full tilt, the words, the moans, and the grunts are the ultimate aphrodisiac for you; for both of us.

“Shit, fuck; bang me harder… Oh yeah bang me, fuck me harder! Make me your fucking whore.”

You’re standing behind me, your cock thrusting away at my juicy, wet hole. You feel that strange sensation that a man can only get from fucking a tight pussy; total comfort and electric excitement wrapped up in a single erotic moment. I’m deliciously naked before you; my hand is underneath me, playing with my clit, strumming away at my sodden pussy. My fingers are a blur, as I jack myself off. The quest for my orgasm will not be difficult.

My breaths come in ragged gasps, as I launch into my first orgasm of the evening. Until now you haven’t felt in danger of cumming yourself. I look and feel so radiant beneath you, impaled on your cock. You drive into me again and again, pounding my cunt to a juicy froth. My pussy is so slick and slippery. It is a warm vice that snugly holds your cock. The slapping of skin on skin is deeply erotic. It pushes you further, driving harder into my steamy depths.
“Uh, uh, unh. Oh god! UNH!!!” I gasp.

You reach down and grab the rounded cheeks of my arse. You dig your fingers into my skin, mauling and groping my lean flesh with unbridled desire. My orgasm takes control; my moan is low and lewd. My hips buck against you, rotating in a distorted spherical pattern.

That is all the motivation you need. My orgasm pushes you to yours. You run your hand up my supple back. A thin sheen of sweat coats my skin. Reaching the top of my neck, you slide your fingers up through my hair. You close them, balling my hair in your fist, and pull tight. Flexing your arm, you pull me up and bring me to you. Groaning, my face turns to yours. We are standing now, my hands still bracing my sweat-covered body against your desk. Your cock drives into me from an upward angle. We are now engaged – full throttle – in a furious, standing fuck.

“Oh God! Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, oh shit, oh fuck” we simultaneously moan.

With every thrust of your engorged cock, I gasp and rise up on my toes. You can’t think; all rational or intellectual thought flees your brain. There is only me, the sexy woman and my even sexier cunt that you’re fucking. No more! Streams of cum spew from your dick, flooding my pussy. The tension drains from your body, as you grind your cock into me with a final shaky thrust.


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