Outdoor Activity


Outdoor Activity

As I sat on the not so crowded tube, my mind wandered back to the events of the last month or so. There were a few days where I lost all inhibitions and… well…, let’s just say I’m now a totally different person.
There we were sitting on the Heath taking full advantage of the Indian summer. Everybody had the same idea; the Heath was absolutely heaving with people, couples, families, groups of people and individuals all out to make the most of the very late summer. We found a not so secluded spot to sit, chill and top up our tan; a spot at the top of the very steep hill right under a tree with limited shade. We joked about not being able to go any further as the climb had taken away what little puff we had.

He fidgeted impatiently as I spread the blankets, ensuring there was enough room for us to spread out, chill and have fun; oh and enjoy our picnic of course!
Being the gentleman that he is, he helped me to sit down and then stared hungrily at the beads of sweat between my cleavage. Man it was proper hot that day! The minute I sat down, I backed off my vest top and shorts and sat upright in my bikini; his eyes bulged at my semi nakedness. Following my lead, he backed off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and made himself comfy next to me. I poured the wine, we toasted; I sipped and then kissed him gently.

We talked about our week, sharing the highs and lows, the what-ifs and the maybes. We talked about any and everything, proper set the world to rights as you do. We stopped mid-discussion to rescue the Frisbee that got caught in one of the branches above us. We declined the offer to join in the game, but promised to play later when the weather cooled down a bit. He poured more wine and we started to nibble on the picnic.

‘Wish I could fuck you right here and now’ he said as he stroked my thigh.

I smiled in agreement; the combination of the sunshine and wine added to the amorous feelings and I just knew the increasing damp patch in my knickers wasn’t sweat!

‘Perhaps we can fuck, when it starts to get dark and with less people around’ I said although, I was secretly wishing he would take me right then.

Looking around, there were a few other couples nearby all scantily clad and in various positions of embrace.

Mmm, perhaps we could discreetly indulge in a little outdoor activity I thought.

His gentle touch on my thighs made me feel quite adventurous and more determined to do something about the rapidly increasing wet patch.

‘I’m so wet and hungry for you babe; how about we figure out how to perform a lewd act without getting caught?’

‘I thought you’d never ask’ he replied, ever willing and definitely a lot more risqué than me!

He reached up to stroke my pussy through my bikini and mock flicked his hand as if being burnt from my hotness. I opened my legs and telepathically encouraged him to do more than stroke; like he needed encouragement! He casually slipped his finger under my bikini and in my wet pussy.

‘Damn baby, I love the way you’re always wet’ he said as his fingers moved backed and forth, in and out.

I relaxed into his movements and moaned softly. Fuck it felt so good, if only I wasn’t so nervous I would have stripped naked and made him fuck me there and then!

‘I’ve got an idea’ he began, ‘prop yourself up using the bag as a cushion, lie back and relax’.

I obeyed and was so I pleased I did. He spread my legs slightly and positioned himself to make it look as though he was resting his head on my inner thigh; that in itself added to my excitement. He turned his head slightly and inhaled the hypnotic scent of my wet sex; he casually pulled my bikini to the side and kissed my exposed pussy whilst fingering my wet hole. I breathed deeply in a vain attempt to stifle the warrior cries that yearned to escape; I feared of drawing attention to us.
He spread my legs wider and turned to lie on his front. With my bikini bottoms pulled fully to the side and the whole of my pussy exposed, he set to work on his favourite pass time. He licked the length of my slit repeatedly, whilst making sure his nose rested on my swollen clit on the upward stroke. With each up and down movement, his fingers slid in and out of my wetness; my juice coated his fingers and then some.

That was pure torture, my clit needed some attention too and I was talking about a little more than a little rub with the tip of his nose! I held on to his head and tried to force the clit issue but he wasn’t haven’t any of it. He stopped altogether, sat up and pushed his fingers in my mouth. Fuck me I taste good! I kissed him so he could taste me too.
‘Yeah I know how good you taste’ he said as he pulled away.
‘Baby, please finish the job’ I pouted.

That did the trick; he couldn’t resist my pretty brown eyes giving him the hungry, “come fuck me” look.

‘Lie back down and leave me to do what I do best, if I feel your hands on my head I will stop, ok’ he said strictly.
‘Yes sir’ I giggled and resumed my position.

Aahh this was the life, there was something quite liberating about having my pussy eaten whilst lying under a tree at the top of a rather busy Hampstead Heath.  With every lick, suck and thrust of his tongue and two fingers, my body jerked in appreciation. I moaned softly to further demonstrate my appreciation and forced myself to keep my hands away from his head. You don’t know how badly I wanted to grab his bald head, pull it forcefully into my pussy and suffocate him with my sex.
I could tell he was sensing my pain because it was at that point that he moved to my clit, to begin the next stage of his torture routine. That did it! My moans became louder and the distant chatter I could hear reminded me we were out in public. I glanced around quickly and noted that people were busy doing their own thing and not paying any attention to us…
Cool, so I relaxed and got back in to it. He wasn’t perturbed by the noise around us or even with me looking around. Oh no, he was on a mission to hit the jackpot and boy did he do it some justice. With his full lips covering my clit like a vacuum and two of his fingers buried deep in my pussy, he continued with his torture routine. He worked his tongue vigorously on my bud; up and down, side to side, in circles, he even used his teeth too.
‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…’ I panted as my body started to shake.

Now you know how it is when you’re about to cum but you try and hold back because that pre cum feeling is so fucking awesome you want it to last forever. Every nerve ending in your body is on fire, the tingling sensation is like little electric shocks running through your body; it’s like going upside down on a rollercoaster and the butterflies in your stomach can quite easily give Usain Bolt a run for his money. You know that feeling right? Well that’s exactly the state I was in. I was holding back for dear life but his tongue and skills were proving otherwise and before long my body pulled rank and I came like a bitch on heat on Hampstead Heath, in the middle of a sunny afternoon.

Now, I pride myself on my ability to have earth shattering orgasms very quietly when circumstances prevail, especially in situations like this. However, the force was way too much and, well… let’s just say, a few people did glance over in our direction. But being the reserved British folk that we all are, people carried on regardless.

My outdoor activity is somewhat restricted now because the climate is getting cooler but should the opportunity arise….. I’ll post another blog.


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