Evening In…!


Evening In…!

I was late home from work, a little later than normal but still early enough to chill out for a couple of hours before calling it a night. She was already home, said she finished work early and went to the gym with her partner in crime.

“Eat first or shower?” she asked as I kissed her.

“Eat I think; what’s for dinner?”

I headed to the kitchen and saw that she had made a stir-fry with some barbecued chicken wings; the aroma alone had my mouth watering and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

“Sort yourself out while I warm your dinner up” she said as she sashayed past me.

“I’d rather sort you out first” I replied grabbing her arse. Damn she’s so sexy!

She blew me a kiss and nudged me towards the bathroom to wash my hands. We sat and ate together, sharing experiences of our day. I did the dishes, had a shower and joined her on the couch for a spot of vegging, with a glass of wine in front of the telly; she was watching Luther.

“I love me some Idris, I’d do him any day” she said turning towards me as the show finished.

“I’m sure you would” I replied pulling her closer to me.

“Please know that when Idris comes knocking and note that I said when and not if, I will be kicking your fine self to the kerb, ok?”

“Sure baby, anything you say”

She always said things like that, like whom she would kick me to the kerb for. The other day it was Brad Pitt and last month it was Denzel and George Clooney; yep she was more than ready for a threesome with George and Denzel.

I kissed her softly on the neck as she waffled on about Idris’s moody character Luther, how sexy he was and how hard she’d fuck him when the time came. I silenced her with a kiss and led her to the bedroom.

“Well let me remind you how hard I can fuck you” I said pushing her down on the bed.

She moved backwards up the bed, returning my kisses but refused to open her legs. I lay on top of her and tried to encourage her to open up and let me in. She teased me, told me I wasn’t Idris enough to get to her pussy. I adopted my best Idris impersonation in a vain bid to open the stairway to heaven. I pushed hard and harder trying desperately to get her to open her legs for me. I didn’t want to force myself in her, for her to then bawl rape, but just enough to push my dick up inside her!

The play fight and teasing was finally over and she gave in; I slapped my dick in her pussy hard, also known as the pussy spank, the energy and force from the slap made her cum straight away. To my surprise she was ready for more and begged me to give it to her.

“Do you want me or Luther?” I asked as I teased her nipples with my teeth.

“I want you baby, I want you” she panted.

She could not wait and turn over on to her stomach. I grabbed her huge sexy arse and slapped those cheeks. I split them apart and spread her arse cheeks to reveal the inside of her fat and juicy shaved pussy. My dick got harder; I felt the blood rush through my veins at break neck speed. I took a step back but decided against shoving my dick in her and teased her with my tongue instead. She screamed out in surprise, it was too much for her to handle and she tried to push me away whilst reaching for my dick at the same time.

I licked and sucked her juicy pussy, feeling the heat in her build up as her body prepared for it’s second orgasm. Her body started to jerk; she moaned and started to wine real fast. She was on the brink of orgasm, moaning so loud I thought the neighbours would hear her. I pushed harder, in and out of her wet pussy, tugging on her hair, as she begged me to fuck her even harder.

She came with an almighty scream; a scream so loud my ears started to ring. I was almost there but needed a few more minutes. I pulled out slowly; she started to relax and then I pushed my dick back in her so hard and all the way up to the hilt. She grabbed on to the pillow and tried to crawl away from the powerful fuck, I was giving her. However the bed being up against the wall and her being jammed in the corner with nowhere else to go soon put a stop to that. The more she tried to get away, the harder I fucked.

“Aaarrghhhh b-b-baby, oh fu-fuck” she panted

“I’m almost there baby” I whispered, pumping harder and faster

“My pussy is on fire” she whimpered softly.

She started to relax as I slowed down and kissed the back of her neck. I soon picked up back the pace, making my strokes more prominent. I was about to go even harder and faster, when I noticed her body suddenly went limp. She was still breathing although she wasn’t moving. Her breaths were slow and deep and that’s when I realised that she had fallen asleep; her gently snores confirmed this

Question: do I finish or finish myself off?


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