Drive Me Crazy


Drive Me Crazy

She was on her way home from dinner and drinks with some friends in the West End.

Perfect timing she thought as she arrived at the bus stop at the same time as her bus.

Smile in place, she swiped her Oyster card and took her seat at the back of the bus. Earphones in place, she switched play lists and buried her head in her book and tried very hard to focus on that chapter. She looked up and caught his eye in the rear view mirror; he blew her a kiss, she blushed and smiled. She’d caught his bus every day the previous week and was surprised to see him today considering it was quite late. The very packed bus soon became empty as the passengers got off one by one at their various stops and before long it was just her and the driver left. She checked her watch and glanced up at the driver who managed to catch her eye again; she showed her appreciation for his driving by smiling at him, he blew her another kiss in response. As the bus neared her stop, she pressed the bell and stood up. He looked up at her disappointed but then on impulse he called her over.

‘Stay and keep me company please’ he said when she approached him.
‘What time do you finished?’
‘Now; this is my last stretch’

She hesitated and shook her head.

‘Why not? Please stay and keep me company, I’ll drop you home after’
‘I’m not sure; I mean, I only know you as the guy that drives the number forty three bus and that’s it. I’ve got my own safety to think of’
‘Come on, you’ve been getting on my bus for over a year now and you’ve seen me at a couple of parties too’
‘But why do you need my company if this is your last stretch?’
‘Because I do; please stay.’
After dwelling on it for a little longer, she relented and gave in.

‘Ok, let me go and sit back down then’
‘No, don’t; stay here so I can talk to you’
‘Alright then, so what do you want to talk about?’
‘Me and you; let’s talk about me and you’
‘There is no me and you and if….’
‘By me and you, I mean you tell me about you and I’ll tell you about me; kind of like sharing information to find out about each other’
‘Ok I’m going first, what is your name Mr Bus Driver?’
‘Trevor, what’s your name?’
‘Such a pretty name Monique, what do you do for a living?’
‘I’m a Primary school teacher. What do you do for fun?’
‘I fantasise about you when you get on my bus’

They talked, laughed and shared various bits of information about each other all the way to the garage. He parked up, switched off the engine and once he completed his paper work he came out of the cab and invited her to sit down at the back of the bus.

‘Don’t you have to sign out or something?’ she asked.
‘Yes but I’m early so thought we could sit and talk for a few minutes more. So tell me Monique why is such a beautiful woman like you single?’
‘Because I split from a long term relationship a few months ago and not ready for a next man just yet; why are you single?’
‘I’ve not met the right woman yet, not that I’m looking and like you I’ve not too long finished in a relationship, so I just want to enjoy being single for a while and have some fun along the way too’
‘Sounds like a good plan, Trevor’
‘So Monique, would you like to have some fun with me?’
‘Boy Trevor, I don’t think so you know because I hardly know you and….’

Trevor silenced her with a kiss; a kiss so rough and hungry that Monique gave in instantly. His rough hands held her head, massaging her scalp whilst his tongue massaged hers. Monique turned to face him in a vain attempt to get more comfortable. They moved closer to the window where the seat was without an armrest thus allowing them to continue their tonsil tennis in comfort. Monique sat on Trevor’s lap with his very long legs stretched, and she started to unbutton his shirt; he pulled away and stopped her.

‘Are you sure you’re ok to do this Mon?’
‘Not unless you’re backing out on me?’
‘Hell no, I’ve been dreaming about this for a very long time; I just don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you that’s all’
‘Shut up and kiss me’
‘Yes Miss’

Monique and Trevor kissed like they were old lovers; she undid his shirt and kissed and stroked his firm chest as she unbuttoned his trousers. Trevor breathed deeply as Monique’s forcefulness took over and excited him. He gasped as she released his cock and swallowed it whole without warning.

‘Fuck Monique, that feels good baby’

Monique cupped and massaged his balls with one hand whilst wanking his shaft with the other and teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue.
Pure torture Trevor thought; whilst all thoughts were running through Monique’s mind as she pleasured Trevor. The most poignant thought was the mere fact that she was at the back of the bus with the driver giving him a blow job. Monique was sexually adventurous and would do anything anywhere at least once, so giving this cute bus driver a blow job shouldn’t be an issue for her and it wasn’t; well not really. She was however, slightly worried about how he might behave (or react) the next time she got on his bus!
Oh fuck it she thought as she released her suction on his cock and stood up.

‘Have you got any condoms?’ she asked him gently.
‘Yeah, just the one though; in my wallet’
‘One is enough’
She sat back on his lap and kissed him, whilst lowering the top half of her dress. She ordered him to suck her tits and threw her head back in ecstasy as his tongue and teeth worked their magic on her sensitive nipples.

‘Fuck me Trev, that feels too good’

Her deep moans and constant swearing added to Trevor’s excitement and his cock twitched and bounced profusely.

‘Monique I really want to fuck you now, can I please?’
‘Sure, take me from behind though; you’re a big boy in more ways than one and it’ll be easier too’

He smiled as she hiked up her maxi dress and saw that she was completely naked underneath. She watched him as he put the condom on; she kissed him gently and then positioned herself on her knees. Trevor murmured his appreciation, soaking up the vision before him. Her beautiful round arse was begging to be slapped; likewise her glistening pussy was begging to be fucked. He stroked her arse, fingered her pussy and entered her suddenly. Trevor had a seriously powerful cock and was wreaking havoc in Monique’s pussy like he owned it. She screamed as he fucked her hard and fast without compassion, just how she liked to be fucked. Again, her constant swearing and moaning excited him further. Monique bucked back to meet his thrusts and clenched the walls of her pussy too, with every stroke.

‘Oh fucking hell man, yes man. Oh Monique that feels too good; slow down baby’
‘No; fuck me harder Trevor’

Trevor fucked her harder as instructed while Monique bucked into his thrusts and continued to clench her pussy walls on his powerful cock. A mutual orgasm was brewing between them; Monique could feel it and was sure Trevor could feel it too. Monique’s body was on fire, the fine hairs at the base of her spine stood up whilst the rollercoaster combined with butterflies feeling took over her whole body. Her stomach was doing triple somersaults followed by double back flips; her nipples were tingling out of control but were rock solid; any second now and she was about to explode! Hugely fired up by Monique’s pleasurable sounds, Trevor picked up the pace in preparation for the imminent explosion. Holding on to her rotating hips; he pounded her pussy as she continued to back up into his thrusts. This girl has some energy he thought.

‘Oh fuck Trevor, yes; own my pussy baby’

Trevor and Monique moaned in unison; her pussy walls spasmed and collapsed on his cock sending them both into an orgasmic frenzy. His body shook along with hers, matching her shake for shake and moan for moan. Again they moaned in unison and in relief as the last of their combined orgasm oozed. He slumped against her; bit her neck and shoulders whilst thrusting gently against her still rotating hips.

Damn she is so hot and on fire, I could quite easily go again he thought as he played with her hair and kissed her neck.

Fuck me, this gi-normous bus driver is absolutely banging; I could quite happily come back for seconds she thought as she relaxed into his nuzzles.

Mmm that was very nice. A mutual orgasm; not bad for a first and spontaneous fuck they both thought!


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