De ting so sweet..!


De ting so sweet..!

It’s Jouvert morning and you’re there with your crew

It’s still quite early, just a little after two.

No paint, no mud, No special outfit for you,

“I’m staying paint free today” you say “if it’s the last thing I do”

You bounce me as you navigate through the crowds,

Saying sorry for bouncing me a little too hard

“Hey that’s ok” I say pinching your bum, catching you off guard

Four becomes five as more of your people arrive

The streets are now heaving; the crowds have come alive

The trucks are finally on the road, vibrating with some heavy bass lines

Men suddenly appear from nowhere, looking ah woman to teef ah whine

De whine so sweet,

People are moving seductively to the beat

Swaying and whining; whining and swaying

Dipping and bending; bending and dipping

Whining and bending; dipping and swaying

”Oh my, that’s my jam”

I say looking around to pull a man

And then our eyes meet from across the busy street

We exchange broad smiles, grinning and showing our teeth

It’s time to bruk out; get on bad with this seductive thumping beat

I buss ah dutty whine on you

Oh lawd de ting so sweet.

I’m in my zone, almost in a trance

With you whining provocatively behind me

I want more than just a dance

I’m known as the wild one, always out to have mad fun

But right now I’m stupidly horny and want you to be the one

“Oh now this is my jam” you say

As you whine and rub against me in a way

That let’s me know, that you feel my trance

And just like me, you want more than just a dance

I assume the six thirty

Whining provocatively to the beat

We’re dancing very dirty

Oh lawd de ting so sweet

You decide to take a risk

And caress my body as we danced

Pulling me up to steal a kiss

On my lips, you took a chance

Your hand finds it’s way, as easily as we sway

Up my floating skirt

Your fingers start to flirt

With my lower lips and clit

And yes, I love every bit

I reach behind, your solid manhood I find

Standing to attention, needing an intervention

I rub him; I stroke him; I really want to hold and taste him

I want him to slip inside and fuck me very hard from behind

As if reading my mind, you fingered my hole and said

“I want to fuck you from behind”

We managed to slip away to a quiet side street

Where we fucked quick, hard and dirty

Oh lawd de ting so sweet!

My wetness surprised you, as you tried to fuck my pussy dry

But fucking me hard and dirty, just made me cum multiple times

And so I milked your cock dry

By making you cum multiple times.

The post multi-orgasm haze starts to creep

Instinctively we kiss and cuddle

We really need a big soft bed, not just to sleep

But fuck and make more puddles

In full post-coital glow we head back to the street

We blend right back in, with a cheeky knowing grin

Knowing we just had a quick and dirty sexual treat.

You blow me a kiss

I blow you one back; smiling, knowing

It was well and worth the risk!


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