Beach Quickie


Beach Quickie

We’ve just got to the beach and it’s packed full of people, we both like the idea of doing it in public, but this is just not going to work! So we walk a little further along, our feet kicking the sand as we go. We reach a small outcropping of rocks which we walk pass to find a small cove.

We waste no time, my hands are all over you, they settle on your arse and I move my hands round and pull down your shorts. Falling to my knees I pull down your boxers as I go, and your cock springs into my face. My mouth immediately clamps onto it, sucking hungrily with everything I’ve got. My hands pumping your thick shaft; your cock is rock hard, and my short skirt soon finds its way to the ground.
I’m bent over a rock wearing only a bikini top, you are completely naked with your cock standing on end; you then edge your cock into my sopping wet pussy. I immediately begin to moan and push back on to you; you respond by clambering onto the rocks and sinking your cock as far it will go, grinding against my insides as you approach, at this strange angle.

My legs are weak from all of the attention I’m getting; I’m shuddering with what appears to be a continuous climax. The walls of my pussy clenching around your cock, you pull out and explode your hot, white, sticky cum all over my arse cheeks.

You collapse on top of me and we stay like that, breathing deeply whilst huddled over the rocks, in a small cove.


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