A Letter to My Lover..!

Letter to my lover

A Letter to My Lover..!

Dear Lover,

Being around you these past few days has made me realise just how much good dick that I’m actually missing out on. I mean I know I took a very, very long time to cum and I could have quite easily gone a few more rounds, but jheeeeez!!  That fucking dick! 

That juicy fucking dick was just so fucking good, it made me realise that I have to go back out on the prowl. I have to get back out there, back out on the prowl and in search of that good fucking dick. You know that one good fucking dick that my juicy pussy deserves, and has been seriously lacking for fuck knows how fucking long!!!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, back to that good fucking dick of yours.

I remember when your dick eased his way into my fat and wet, juicy pussy. Gently pushing his head along the ridges of my pussy walls and deeper inside me. I drew in your juicy fucking dick with a tight but wet welcome; squeezing my inner walls as you eased that good fucking dick deeper and deeper right up to the hilt. 


You felt so good. Oh baby you felt so good! So fucking good that my pussy started to weep; she released a warm and sticky trickle of pure unfiltered cunt juice, that coated your good fucking dick as you slowly pulled him out of me. Eased him out with such slow but powerful strength; out of my soaking wet, fat and juicy cunt.  Fuck me it was good.

You mumbled as you slowly made sweet love to me. Muttered incoherently as the anticipated connection neared fruition. We’d been waiting for this moment for a good while and the time was here and now.

I could tell you wanted to dive straight in and beat the fuck out of my pussy with a determined animal passion, but instead you held back. You held back so that the first memory you created would be the one where the two of us are entwined in an unbridled combination of lust and passion. Unbridled, extremely erotic and very explicit; certainly not for the faint hearted. Fuck me your dick felt so fucking good! 

Our combined pent up passion was fiery and hot; the heat emanating from us was intense. The sweat dripped from your body and onto mine, our bodies glistened as one. 

You slowly fed me with your good fucking dick. My pussy was hungry, correction: my pussy was famished. I met you stroke for stroke, you pounded my tight juicy pussy with a renowned determination; determined to beat the fuck out of my sweet, fat, juicy; cunt. You wanted me to beg you for more, you wanted me to scream out your name, call you pappy even, and then tell you how badly I wanted to cum. How badly I wanted you to make me cum. But the harder you fucked me, the harder I fucked you back.

“Damn this has never happened to me before; no girl could ever match me stroke for stroke, much less outfuck me.”

I could tell you was in awe, even before you told me; instantly smitten.

“Duh! I know it’s never happened to you before, girlfriend got skills!” I said cheekily

“You are definitely a keeper,”you said boldly.

I smiled and blushed.

Feeling you inside me made me realise just how much good fucking dick I’m missing out on. It’s been that long since I’ve had any good dick that my pussy held back; she held back so that she could hold onto that good dick feeling for as long as possible. She held back because sadly, she couldn’t remember the last time she had it that good. Held back because she wasn’t sure if and when she’d ever get to experience dick so fucking good again.

As each of your strokes sunk deeper into my pussy, the realisation became stronger.  The realisation that there was still some good fucking dick out there and I’m definitely NOT on the receiving end of any of it.  Yep; it’s official, I’ve been missing out on some seriously good, fucking dick! 

Dick so fucking good that it turns a sister into a possessive creature, willing to do anything to be back on the receiving end of some really good fucking dick.

Seriously though, I mean real talk! I can’t believe that I’ve been screwing myself over all this fucking time. I’ve been proper mugging myself off by settling for some selfish second-class dick, when thereare plenty of perfectly good fucking first class dicks, like yours, out there!

So Mr. Lover, thank you for that enlightening experience and that gentle yet harsh reminder that my pussy is very much destined for and thoroughly deserves some good fucking “first class” dick only.

With that in mind I’m in the process of executing my action plan to source and secure some good fucking “first class” dick and let me tell you, the results are amazing and comparable so far!

Until we meet again, Pappy…. x

Yours forever,

Monique xx


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