Members Only


Members Only!

“Members Only, it’s a private party. Don’t need no money, to qualify..!”

Well not quite, but every time I think of the title of my new novel, this song by Bobby Bland pops into my head; random I know.

Anyway after much blood, sweat, tears and very, very strong language my 4th novel is finally ready to be unleashed into the wild.  

Members Only didn’t take as long to write as it did to edit and format and don’t even get me started on the other gremlins that tried to prevent this baby from being released. Perseverance prevailed.

This latest addition to my library tells the story of Angelique, Nadine, Kelly and Maxine; 4 strong and independent women, close friends that enjoy and live life to the fullest. The men in their lives like to think they’ve got it sussed and their women under control, but they couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried. Read all about these 4 strong and beautiful women; their antics, work, their passion for life and of course, men!

Click on the book title to get your copy of Members Only alternatively, you can visit the usual online bookstores or hit me up for a signed copy if you’re local.

Thank you, in advance, for your continued love and support.

Love Meg xx


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