Favourite Thing…!


I absolutely love sex and would simply fuck him all day, every day if I could.

Sex with him was amazing. I loved the way his dick felt inside me.

I loved the way he responded to his dick being inside me.

I loved that deep penetration; I loved squeezing his dick with every thrust; I loved that he loved when I squeezed his dick too.

I loved the way he slutted me out; the way he fucked all three of my holes and then filled me with his hot and thick creamy cum.

I loved the feeling of his hot cum pumping into my tight arse; I loved the feeling as his creamy cum, trickled from my wet pussy.

I loved the feeling as his hot and thick creamy cum slithered down my receptive throat.

Sex with him is fucking amazing.

I would fuck him all day and every day too if I could.

I absolutely love sex!


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