Hey Beautiful People,

It’s the weekend…..Yayyyyyyy!!!

So, how was your day?  In fact, how was your first week of 2022?

Mine has been a lot lazier then intended, but admittedly it felt really good.

I’ve been writing, reflecting, chilling, writing, chilling, socialising, chilling, going gym, did I mention chilling….

It’s important to take time out occasionally, do what feels right, when you want to and at your own pace too.

Recharge, refocus and return twice as powerful.

Anyway, in between writing the sequel to Members Only, I’ve written a few short pieces and will post them throughout January.

The first piece was inspired by Lady Red and her Soulmate and it’s called Performance Review.

Click the link to read more and enjoy.

Have a great weekend when it comes.


Meg xx



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