Ode to Dick..!


Your Dick

Your big black cock

Your nine

It’s so good it’s got me whipped

I lose all my senses, turning into a proper pussy in its presence

It’s like I’m dickmatised!

It’s so good, I want more, I need more; I just can’t get enough, I want m….. did I say I need, more..?

I’m fully addicted!

I love the way your dick feels inside me

I love the way you respond to your dick being inside me

I love that deep penetration, the intensity

I love squeezing your dick with every thrust

I love that you love when I squeeze your dick too.


Wanna know what else makes your dick so good?


He’s a decent size in length and girth

He responds very well to me

He gets hard at the sound of my voice

He gets hard when he sees me, and he gets hard in response to my slightest touch

He gets harder, rock solid, when I shelter him in my warm places

He’s made for me

He is a perfect fit

He fits all 3 of my holes perfectly

He is my perfect fit!

My pussy loves your dick but….

Most important of all your Dick is MINE!!


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