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Just Being Friendly

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They lived on the same estate, were very close friends and grew up as one big family, often referring to each other as brothers and sisters.

Karen is single, carefree and really enjoys male company.  She loves to get her freak on at any given opportunity.

Anna has a string of achievements to her name; her latest is called Derek.  He immediately falls for Anna and her innocence but yet, he is blissfully unaware of her promiscuity.

Melanie is finally getting over her break up with Roger and vows to start having fun again.

Josh wants a repeat performance of the night of debauchery that happened after a few hours of excessive indulgence; the recipient however, is unwilling.

Just Being Friendly tells the story of a group of close friends that try to enjoy life to the fullest; partying very hard and embarking on a series of erotic encounters.

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