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When I was asked by the lovely Miss Player to volunteer at theEroticAwards2012
Erotic Awards
2012 Semi-Finals I said yes immediately, without checking my diary or even consulting my alter ego! I later followed the web links provided, noted the very worthy cause, Outsiders, that this event supported and was even more delighted that I said yes!

"The Erotic Awards honour the Stars in the Erotic Universe; they were founded in 1994 and are run as a charity fundraiser, by volunteers.

The most talented, influential and sex-positive artists, performers, writers, politicians, sex workers, academics, fashion designers and pioneers are nominated by the public and judged by their Grand Jury.

The Erotic Awards are a celebration of sexual creativity and diversity. Emphasis is on sharing rather than serious competition, and we encourage finalists to network so that they can share contacts, and cross-pollination and inspiration can flourish."

Outsiders was founded in 1979, as a club for disabled people to live life to the full, and find sexual partners. Outsiders offers members support in asserting their right to a private life, and seeking love in a society where status stems from good looks and money. Outsiders also runs the Sex and Disability Helpline, and SHADA, the Sex and Disability Alliance.

I arrived excited but nervous by the sheer newness of everything I was about to see and do; it didn't help that I was flying solo that night, no groupies or handbag dangling by my side to ease my nerves. I half expected everybody to stop what they were doing and turn and stare at me as I walked into the amazing venue Electrowerkz, alone, like Billy no mates. But no, folk carried on regardless. I must say though, walking into the venue was a bit like walking into Erotica UK; everybody had dressed up or down and some decided to revert back to the outfit they wore on the day they were born, wish I was brave enough to walk around like that! It was fantastic to see so many great tits and cocks on display and I had that sudden urge to reach out and touch...

So I wandered around, alone, looking like the lost innocent soul that I am until I spotted Domsigns, phew somebody I know and then I saw the lovely Molly; yay more people I know; I found myself relaxing instantly. Eventually I found the sexy Miss Player, was introduced to Tulloch the stage manager and the other stage assistants for the night and was put to work straight away. And there was me thinking I was going to spend most of the time sat in the naughty corner and demonstrate my finest observation skills! My role for the night was stage assistant; this involved escorting the acts to and from the stage, setting up and collecting their props and, anything else they may have wanted assistance with; I'll explain that in more detail later.

So whilst waiting for the show to start, I mingled, schmoozed, praised Mr Sexy voice himself Friday AM phwoaar what a voice, hot poetry too. I ogled the artists in their naked glory whilst they limbered up; I cuddled Rubyy, Shalla, Josh, The Dragon King's Daughter and before I knew it, the show had started.

As I mentioned, my role was to assist the artists to and from the stage, set up and collect their props and, assist them with anything else they required; anything! The first request was to hold the silky red pouch containing a gorgeous dildo for Blanche Dubois (tranny). I held on to it, stroked it and got a little too comfortable with it until it was time to set it up on the stage in the required position; I enjoyed that. My next task was to assist the next act Stimulation. Carrying his box of props we engaged in light-hearted banter until we were by the stage door; I'm not entirely sure how this happened but I stroked his bare arse, on request I hasten to add, in a bid to steady his nonexistent nerves...

Then I was asked to fluff, que? Que es fluffing?

Stimulation required assistance to help maintain the erection he had, for his routine on stage, basically his cock needed stroking; this is known as Fluffing. Seeing as my role was to assist the artists, I could hardly say no could I...? So I fluffed and fluffed and then I fluffed some more. I stopped suddenly, feeling slightly embarrassed by the other stage assistants passing by and also embarrassed that I was enjoying it too much. Stimulation was unperturbed by the 'passers by' the other stage hands weren't fussed either, in fact they encouraged me to carry on fluffing; this must be normal behaviour! My firm touch and effective technique ensured the artist remained in the required state for his performance and boy what a performance!

During the interval it was time for more schmoozing and errr...spanking. Again, not quite sure how that happened... Oh yeah, well I was explaining my fluffing and arse stroking experience to the lovely Miss Player and she proffered her arse to be stroked too; I happily obliged as you do and gently spanked her too, as you do. She enjoyed that and wanted more; being the kind and accommodating individual that I am, I spanked her again and harder too. She really enjoyed that, we both did. It then seemed that every time we bumped into each other during the rest of the event, she offered her arse to be spanked and I ensured each spank was firmer than the one before. Talk about addictive, I think I found yet another calling and I'm going to have to blame Domsigns for this. At a EM event a couple of months ago, Dom asked me to hold his paddle and let's just say I got a little too comfortable and was quite content spanking the odd arse throughout that night. I digress; lost the plot too...

Anyway it was such a fantastic event for a fabulous cause. It was amazing to see abled and less abled bodies mingle together as equals in such an amazing setting. I encourage and urge you all to support the Outsiders charity: make a donation, attend the Night of the Senses ball in May, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and most importantly, spread the word and share the love.

Meg xx

Check out the Erotic Awards website and please also take a look at the fabulous work Outsiders does. 

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